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Exporting Blazor TreeGrid to Excel with Complete Customization

Learn how to perform excel exporting in our Blazor TreeGrid component. You will also learn how to customize the file name, theme, header, and footer of the exported excel document. 

Download an example from GitHub:

 Refer to the following documentation on excel exporting in the Blazor TreeGrid component: 

Check out this online example of excel exporting in the Blazor TreeGrid component:

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Exporting Blazor TreeGrid to Excel with Complete Customization
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Gerhard Brink


Data Validation in Excel

Data Validation in Excel

In this tutorial, let’s discuss what data validation is and how it can be implemented in MS-Excel. Let’s start!!!

What Is Data Validation in Excel?

Data Validation is one of the features in MS-Excel which helps in maintaining the consistency of the data in the spreadsheet. It controls the type of data that can enter in the data validated cells.

Data Validation in MS Excel

Now, let’s have a look at how data validation works and how to implement it in the worksheet:

To apply data validation for the cells, then follow the steps.

1: Choose to which all cells the validation of data should work.

2: Click on the DATA tab.

3: Go to the Data Validation option.

4: Choose the drop down option in it and click on the Data Validation.

data validation in Excel

Once you click on the data validation menu from the ribbon, a box appears with the list of data validation criteria, Input message and error message.

Let’s first understand, what is an input message and error message?

Once, the user clicks the cell, the input message appears in a small box near the cell.

If the user violates the condition of that particular cell, then the error message pops up in a box in the spreadsheet.

The advantage of both the messages is that the input and as well as the error message guide the user about how to fill the cells. Both the messages are customizable also.

Let us have a look at how to set it up and how it works with a sample

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Meggie Flatley


How To Export Data To Excel In Blazor - Asp.Net Core

Creating and exporting data to Excel file is one of the frequently used feature in web apps. We will learn about how to export data to excel in Blazor WebAssembly or Server project in this post. but I will use Blazor WebAssembly in this article.

Why I came up with this post? This is because few days back, someone posted his problem about exporting data to excel from Blazor using Asp.Net Core API in one of the groups of Blazor community and he was trying to solve the problem from last few days, but no success even after so much googling. I saw his post and connected with him just to help him with the same. So more or less, I will try to explain here writing a short article with the solution about exporting excel in Blazor what I provided to him and I’m glad , he was happy with solution.

Table of Contents

  1. Demo
  2. Download Source Code
  3. Creating a Blazor Project
  4. Add Code to BlazorDownload.Server Project
  5. Add Code to BlazorDownload.Client Project
  6. Run the application


export data to excel in blazor

Download Source Code

You can download the source code from GitHub. You can also support me giving a star ⭐ on GitHub, if you found this post or source code helpful.

Creating a Blazor Project

Using Visual Studio

For creating a Blazor WebAssembly project with Asp.Net Core hosted solution using Visual Studio 2019 following below steps –

  • Create a project by selecting File -> New -> Project
  • In the next window, Search “Blazor” in “Search for templates” box or press Alt+S
  • Select Blazor App from the list and press the Next button
  • In the next window, type your project name “BlazorDownload” in my case and select your project location to save
  • Give the solution name or check “Place solution and project in same directory” and click on Create button
  • In the next window, Select Blazor WebAssembly app and click on “ASP.NET Core hosted” checkbox in right and click on Create button

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CRUD App Using Blazor And Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core

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CRUD App Using Blazor And Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core

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CRUD App Using Blazor And Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core

#blazor #blazor tutorial #blazor in c# #blazor crud #blazor webassembly #blazor with core