How to Disable a Button using React

How to Disable a Button using React

In this React tutorial, you'll learn how to disable button using React. When you need to disable a button using React, you can simply add the disabled prop to your <button> element.

Here's how you disable a button using React

When you need to disable a button using React, you can simply add the disabled prop to your <button> element:

function App() {
  return <button disabled={true}>Click me!</button>;

Knowing this, you can easily modify the code according to your requirements to disable the <button>.

React disable button after click

For example, you may want to disable a <button> after it has been clicked. You can do so by adding a state that controls the value of disabled prop. Let’s name the state disable and set its default value to false:

const [disable, setDisable] = React.useState(false);

After that, you need to use the disable state value as the value of disabled prop in the <button> element.


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