How to create Angular routing from scratch in Angular 11?

How to create Angular routing from scratch in Angular 11?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to developing an Angular application from scratch with Basic Angular Routing and Nested Routing with params in Angular v11.

When reaching any website, have you ever wonder why you have been directed to the home page and not any other page?

We did.

Therefore we dug deeper and discovered an entire mechanism working behind it, deciding what should be displayed when the user takes action, Generally known as routing. It was pretty Fascinating to learn, so we thought, why not share it with our valuable readers.

Let’s get started with this blog, where we tend to explain how to implement Angular Routing and nested routings in Angular 11.

Angular Routing


First of all, set your Goal, and because before starting building something, we should know what we should make and why we are building it.

Install Angular CLI:

To work with Angular 11, you must be having Angular CLI installed in your system as it makes your work effortless and swift.

To install the there are two types of codes you must use as per your requirement. Global and local.

Create and Configure Angular Project:

Create an Angular Project Configure your Angular Project

There are mainly three commands to generate the component. Generating it After running it verify your src/app.

The very next step will be installing the ng-bootstrap- which will be automatically imported and declared itself.

Now lets move to the next step, which will be Angular Routing,

To Implement and define Angular routing, we will need to change the below files first.

  • app-routing.module.ts
  • app.component.html

The components are always performed with the help of the Router-Outlet of the parent component. And as app.component.html is the parent component of all the components, we will have the home page links.

We are not done with the entire procedure yet; however, the explanation of the process could not be complete without describing the concept with the rich code snippets; therefore, to understand the whole process of Angular Routing, you would need to take a look at our insightful through described Article through the above-linked Article.

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