Arno  Bradtke

Arno Bradtke


Continuous Intelligence for 4G/5G Mobile Edge Computing

Combining compute, connectivity, and low latency communication to endpoints lets MEC-hosted applications analyze streaming data on-the-fly and respond before storing it.

Next-gen mobile networks can deliver powerful services that take advantage of low-latency, high bandwidth, and edge computing. This article describes a software architecture for continuous intelligence applications that operate in 4G/5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) environments.

MEC offers low latency computing co-located with wireless base-stations and close to fixed networks. It interfaces directly to the provider Radio Access Network (RAN), which manages connectivity to wireless devices. MEC environments are also richly connected – to the provider’s core network, the Internet, and public and private clouds. As a result, MEC offers a unique opportunity to mobile providers to deliver valuable services that use continuous intelligence to analyze, learn, and predict from streaming data, on-the-fly, and respond in real-time.


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Continuous Intelligence for 4G/5G Mobile Edge Computing

Major Impacts of 5G Technology on Mobile App Development

Do you want to know the impact of 5G technology on mobile app development? The mobile app world is one of the most promising sectors which have undergone a drastic revolution after the evolution of 5G technology.

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Rahim Makhani

Rahim Makhani


On-Demand Mobile App Development Services in USA

Mobile apps are developing day-by-day and the usage of mobile apps is also increasing. There are many mobile app development company that are providing services for on-demand mobile app development services.

One of the leading mobile app development company in the USA is Nevina Infotech. It is the best known for providing on-demand app development services till now.

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Zelma  Gerlach

Zelma Gerlach


Edge Computing: Device Edge vs. Cloud Edge

It sometimes makes sense to treat edge computing not as a generic category but as two distinct types of architectures: cloud edge and device edge.

Most people talk about edge computing as a singular type of architecture. But in some respects, it makes sense to think of edge computing as two fundamentally distinct types of architectures: Device edge and cloud edge.

Although a device edge and a cloud edge operate in similar ways from an architectural perspective, they cater to different types of use cases, and they pose different challenges.

Here’s a breakdown of how device edge and cloud edge compare.

Edge computing, defined

First, let’s briefly define edge computing itself.

Edge computing is any type of architecture in which workloads are hosted closer to the “edge” of the network — which typically means closer to end-users — than they would be in conventional architectures that centralize processing and data storage inside large data centers.

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How Intelligent Edge Changes the World of Compute

Going forward, the latency-free power of the intelligent edge will help companies realize the promise of digital transformation and more.

The first compute I ever did was on a Sinclair computer. The very first work I did after college was on a DEC PDP II. That ages me. Nine months after my first PDP II experience, DEC came out with its DEC Rainbow desktop, and then I watched how EDI changed the way we moved money around the globe. Something that PayPal now does near instantly from a cell phone. That was the 1980’s. Change, rapid evolution to how we compute is a common part of our world. It has gone forward very fast since the 1980s using aspects of Moore’s law and Metcalfe’s law. Sometimes these laws work at the same time (the internet), and sometimes these laws of compute work on their own (Intel). Now it is time for intelligent edge to play a role.

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Harry Patel

Harry Patel


Mobile Websites Development or Building Mobile App for Business?

What is more vital for a business, mobile website development or building a mobile app specifically designed and developed for particular businesses needs and requirements, and marketer trends. It is important to understand what are trends are going on in the market, and incorporating those trends in the digital products helps a lot in building a great relationship with our consumers.

Although there is confusion to choose which digital products would be a good fit for your business, according to my experience, I would suggest businesses to develop mobile websites, as they are more reliable and secured for their targeted audience, mobile apps are also a good medium of engaging with the targeting audience, but sometimes mobile’s notification, security guidelines irritate a lot to its users, and therefore several times this user uninstalls those mobile applications, which can be reduced if we use mobile websites, there are no such things, that can annoy users if they are on mobile websites.

Now as we know mobile websites perform well and appeal more to the targeted audience, how to find those leading mobile website development companies around us, like mobile website development Chicago, if your business is an operation in Chicago or neighbor regions, as I have been functioning as a mobile websites developer in the USA for 7 years, I am well aware of the local companies operations, and how and what approached they use in the mobile website development process.

Mobile website development is a wide topic to cover, though there are a few areas that many mobile website development firms ignore while developing these mobile websites for business, which I feel hold a major proportion in the development approach of mobile websites.

  • Consistency is Navigations
  • Weak Coding Foundation
  • Implementing Heavy Layouts

These 3 factors I feel the most ignored aspects of mobile website development for businesses, and more mobile website development firms don’t focus on these prospects and that leads to huge loss to those businesses mobile websites.

  • Consistency in Navigations

Several times because of workload and the near deadline mobile website designer ignores this vital part of building a mobile website, consistency in the navigational area are the reasons of not getting much engagement on your mobile website.

Because, if users would not be satisfied with the designs & the navigations, how they will operate and interact with a mobile website, as they don’t understand what buttons take you where.

  • Weak Coding Foundation

Development of mobile websites relies on coding structure and how they have been made for the users, if a mobile web developer have did an error while building the foundation of the coding structure, that error will enlarge at the end of the product summarizing part, and it will cost huge in the overall performance of a mobile web site.

As you know how much foundation is useful in anything, if the foundation was not done rightly, your product is going to fail measurably.

  • Implementing Heavy Layouts

Mobile web designers from companies or individual mobile web designers always did this simple mistake while designing a mobile website, they integrated heavy designing layouts in the simple backed developed mobile websites, and therefore their these experiments fail at a level, they would not able to resolve that issue.

furthermore, incorporating these types of layouts causes loading speed a lot, and that’s what makes this mobile website load slower, and it is not required, as mobile websites are meant to work faster than ordinary websites.

These are the major consideration a business should bear in mind while designing a mobile website for their business, as these hold much potential if your business will succeed online or not.

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