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A thorough guide to C++ for Beginners

C++ is considered to be a truly good starting point for beginners when it comes to learning a programming language. It helps students learn the foundation of computer language and coding.

What is C++?

Created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979, C++ is considered to be one of the oldest programming languages in the tech world. It is a general-purpose project-oriented programming language. C++ is the foundational language for various important technological advancements.

Where is C++ used?

C++ is centred around huge system execution and is thus used in a variety of small and big programs. This incorporates, however isn’t restricted to, web game development, animation, console games, medical software, MRI Scanners etc. C++ is also used in internet browsers including Chrome and Firefox.

Why should you learn C++?

· Despite the emergence of various programming languages like Java, Python etc., C++ continues to hold a significant place in the tech world.

· It is one language that familiarizes you with computers and programs like none other. It also helps you understand computing structure, architecture and theories.

· Almost all other programming languages including Java and Python are built around C++. Thus, learning C++ acts as a foundation for you to easily dive into learning other programming languages.

· Knowledge of C++ sets you apart in the tech world. Various big-wigs like Amazon, Adobe, Facebook etc. need C++ developers to work on their programs.

· **C++ programmers **are paid well and their salaries are expected to rise in the coming future with increasing dependence on web browsers.

What are some important C++ terms to know?

· **Keywords – **Keywords are predetermined words which are used to identify objects and variables in codes.

· **Variables – **Variables are values with names or identifiers.

· **Strings – **Strings areobjects with which one can perform functions in C++.

· **Operators – **Operators are symbols operating functions and manipulating data.

· **Data Types – **Data Types are different forms of data which can be used in a program.

· **Objects **– An objectis a collection of data in C++. It has attributesand methods.

What are some platforms or communities for C++ Developers?

There are various platforms or communities for people with same interests, hobbies, and/or professions. These platforms helps them interact, learn from one another, and work on projects together. Following are some platforms or communities for C++ Developers:

· Github

· Stack Overflow

· Reddit

· Web Developers

· C++ Meetups

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A thorough guide to C++ for Beginners