GitHub Action That Automates Portfolio Generation

GitHub Action That Automates Portfolio Generation

GitHub Action That Automates Portfolio Generation. Dockerized GitHub Action using Python and Basic Front-end.

Being any developer we generate a lot of code and push it to Github for backup, managing software versions, hosting projects, and other many tasks. If we talk about how many repositories are actual projects, we host and showcase in our resume/social media, it’s way too less than compared to the total number of repositories created. These include forked repositories, some practice codes uploaded or some additional content to refer to.

I have created a lot of them, and now when I have to showcase my projects, I get confused about which one should be included or what I have made! To solve this dilemma, I came up with a solution to develop a Github action to automate adding projects, hackathons attended, display some Github profile stats, and optionally, display the latest blogs written over medium and my website and to take it to next level, I dockerized the action and hosted the webpage for free! Let’s see how I made it.

If you want to check out the action right now, head over to this marketplace link!

docker github-actions github front-end-development python

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