Introduction to Spring Architecture Framework

Introduction to Spring Architecture Framework

Introduction to Spring Architecture Framework. The Spring Framework module is an application framework that consists of numerous modules. These modules are classified within Core Container, Data Access, Data Integration, Web, AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Messaging, Test and Instrumentation.

Spring Framework is a Java platform from the Java enterprise release which presents an extensive infrastructure practice for developing Java-based applications. Using the spring’s infrastructure technique, a developer can easily build the application from the plain old Java objects. This skill applies to the Java SE programming standard with full and partial Java EE (Enterprise Edition) techniques.

Below is the advantage is as a Java application developer How can they use the Spring platform

  1. Create a java function and execute it with the database transaction without the use of separate transaction APIs.
  2. Create a local Java function with the remote logic without using separate remote APIs.
  3. Create a local Java function for providing your logic without using JMX APIs.
  4. Create a separate local Java function for message handler requests without using separate JMS APIs.

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