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There's more to ICO Marketing Guide in India than simply creating a Telegram channel. find out how to market your project the proper way Nadcab Technology

What is  ICO marketing? 

ICO Marketing is a fundraising method that involves an offer to investors to purchase an "Initial Coin Offering." ICOs are a product of the crypto movement, and we're in the midst of a massive influx of ICOs. Before blockchain, ICOs were the only form of crypto token generation.

ICO stands for initial coin offering, which is a fundraising mechanism that has been used by various startups, since its inception. As a startup, you can use ICO to fund your new blockchain application. By choosing ICOs, instead of VC funding, you can seek out investors that are willing to fund your new blockchain app. ICOs are only another way to raise money.

As far as marketing your ICO, you can find ICO Marketing Guide on the web and the ones listed below are the best at ICO marketing in India.


How does ICO marketing work?

ICO Marketing Strategy comes in various forms depending on the complexity of ICO. ICO Marketing begins with the many Crypto ICO Marketing Strategy that attract potential investors through promotional activities. Your ICO is your launchpad and can be the best place to establish your brand awareness and identity.

We have some of the Top ICO Marketing Company to provide you with effective ICO Direct Marketing

–ICO Team Building

–Social Media Marketing

–Content Marketing

ICO Marketing Design

–ICO Marketing Database

–ICO Marketing Job Advertisements

–ICO CPA Services

Here is the checklist of ICO Marketing that you need to complete to launch your ICO successfully.

How do you get ICO Marketing Checklist for your ICO?

Buying to promote an ICO is not the best way to start.

How to launch a successful marketing campaign 

The amount of money invested in ICOs skyrocketed in the first half of the year.

Until the end of August, ICOs raised more than $1.8 billion, according to Brave New Coin. This is over four times more than in 2017.

ICOs are a very important part of the blockchain industry, offering crypto-investors a chance to invest in startups and projects that were never able to generate traditional revenues before.

If you're an ICO startup, you're in need of attracting investments from the investment community.

Unfortunately, only a fraction of ICO projects have a chance to attract investor attention.

The reason is, the main thing crypto-investors are interested in is not the product or the technology, but the protocol itself.

They want to be part of the market solution.

Marketing on social media


Cryptocurrency marketing can be found in the wild. Yes, those people you're yelling at in the comments section of Reddit or at a meetup. Marketing professionals are often the most productive people when it comes to crypto.

These marketing professionals are located all around the globe, and they provide their marketing know-how to investors, employees, and most importantly – startups that are looking for funding.

So, if you need help finding an ICO Marketing Agency to invest in or need a new team to manage your social media strategy, we've compiled the Ultimate Guide To ICO Marketing Checklist.

1. Make a professional landing page

Creating a professional landing page takes time. But once you have it finished, you can do everything else with it. You will get amazing results with your landing page.

Creating a blog 

Starting a blog: Create an attractive, professional, polished blog with great content. There's no sense spending thousands on advertising or trying to make your blog spark on a lot of social media.

It's going to take a lot of time and effort, but it's time well spent because visitors will be on your website, and their first impressions will leave a good taste in their mouths.


Using The Power Of Crowdfunding

One of the most effective ways to increase your funding is by launching an ICO. ICO Launch Services provides an ideal way to target investors who are eager to invest in a successful project. It's important to maintain transparency while crowdfunding as people are constantly researching on different sites. It's important to spread awareness about your ICO and educate people on what's it about.

Growing your community

You can reach out to your customer base on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but ICO Marketing Guide also highlights a couple of platforms where you can get a head start on building a community:


Direct Whatsapp - https://bit.ly/2op0VQr

Website Visit    -    https://bit.ly/313oSAf

Contact No.       -    +919870635001


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ICO Marketing Guide
Deep Shah

Deep Shah


Understand various tools of ICO marketing | ICO Development

Even before thinking of the business idea and ICO development, one must know the marketing tools and techniques to increase the chance of winning in Blockchain market.

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Aria Lee

Aria Lee


25 Best Digital Marketers In India | Best Digital Marketing Experts In India

The demand for digital marketing is increasing. This in turn is increasing the demand for digital marketing experts in India. There are many digital marketers in India.
This blog post lists the best 25 digital marketing experts in India who have outstanding work in the digital marketing field.

But, according to the 25** best digital marketing experts**, there exists a simple way to find out what is working in this market.

Today, I do not think any business can survive without digital marketing. You know that digital marketing talent is rare. You should check the results of our digital marketing talent survey. Here, we have compiled a list of 25 best digital marketers in India.

1. SEO Vaibhav Sharma

Vaibhav Sharma (Born 28-07-1998), better known as SEO Vaibhav Sharma, Youngest Digital Marketing Expert and Blogger and youtube personality since 2017. Work As Freelancer SEO Expert | SMO Expert | PPC Expert. He Is Also Known for his hard & Smart work in the Digital Marketing Industry.
They served their digital marketing services for international and also domestic clients and they all are happy with them.
Vaibhav Sharma is Google Certified Digital Marketer and he helps businesses to achieve their goals.
Experties In: Local SEO, Lead Generation, Branding, etc…

You can contact Vaibhav Sharma through mail: vaibhavsharmaseo@gmail.com
Website: https://seovaibhavsharma.com

2. Sorav Jain

After embarking on the SEO journey in his early 17s, Sorav Jain made significant contributions to the digital marketing industry. He is the CEO of Echo, a self-funded firm that provides world-class social media and digital marketing expertise.

Website: https://www.soravjain.com/

3. Mridul Kabra

By graduating as an architect, he is the first student of Malaviya National Institute of Technology to become a teacher and digital marketing expert. He is also working as google certified Digital Marketer expertise in lead generation.

4. Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a professional digital marketer and blogger, currently based out of India. His blog, BloggersIdeas, is one of the top ranking blogs on blogging and digital marketing in the country. He is also a top digital marketing consultant in India, a public speaker and has spoken at events, colleges and forums in India, blogging, personal branding and keynote making online.

5. Prateek Shah

Prateek is a best digital marketing trainer with Google India and head trainer of AIMA (All India Management Association). Apart from managing social media campaigns for various brands, he launched India’s first student social network ‘Asset Ambassador’.

He founded Digital Defined in October 2015, with the aim of creating a platform for digital marketing professionals and enthusiasts. It is a digital marketing hub for communicating, contributing and collaborating digital marketing ideas and receiving all marketing questions.

6. Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju is famous in the world of digital marketing as Digital Deepak. His blog digitaldeepak.com is an amazing resource for those who want to learn digital marketing.
Deepak loves bikes and started a blog on a motorcycle called BikeAdvice which got more than 1 lakh followers and 1 million plus page views per month. This was his debut in digital marketing.
Following this bike blog, Deepak worked in several companies and also spoke on digital marketing. The blog DigitalDeepak.com has been ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India.

7. Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep Chopra is an IIT Delhi pass out. He is one of the pioneers of digital marketing in India. Pradeep is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Vidya. He is an author on International Fence and Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
Pradeep has organized several social media workshops in India at Singapore, Click Asia Summit, Tycon, Global Youth Marketing Force and NASSCOM India Leadership Force.
He has trained and mentored thousands of professionals and CEOs in digital marketing. Pradeep believes “Internet connectivity is more important than water supply”

8. Ankit Malik

Over 7 years of agency and in-house experience in digital marketing. Ankit Malik is capable of managing and executing projects of any size and budget. Ankit Malik owns brands like HBO India, Yatra, Lufthansa, Mercedes, Intel and many more. Ankit Malik is considered the best in the social media industry and was also nominated in the top 30 under 30 social media and brand markets in 2018. Ankit has previously worked with MRM MCCAN and India’s most luxury hospital Roswalk Healthcare. His expertise lies in the medical and entertainment section. Ankit also won the ‘Top 200 Movie Blogs 2018’ awarded by FeedSpot and is currently working with renowned brands in India and Canada.

9. Ananthanarayanan V

PGCPM from Indian Institute of Management in Indore in 2007. Also awarded the “Best Digital Advertising Professionals in India” from the CMO Council and World Advertising Congress from the fourth edition of “50 Best Digital Marketing Professionals, 2014” at the “Mobile and Digital Marketing Summit 2014” held at TAJ Scandal END, MUMBAI . 14 November 2014. The theme of the summit is “Real-time through mobile and digital media: real-time marketing and engagement”. Organization: He is the founder and CEO of TechDivine Creative Services based in Thane West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

10. Himanshu Arora

The co-founder of Socialpanga, Himanshu Arora, believes in deep electronic marketing. Being an expert in designing, strategizing and implementing electronic marketing through various strategies and campaigns, he represents himself as a ‘marketing mafia’. He has worked with around 50 firms, including Coca-Cola, SAP, Google, Accenture, Horricks, and more. In addition, he has been selected as the Google Award for Google Product and Sales Award. Himanshu is a renowned speaker and has conducted more than 35 electronic advertising and marketing training sessions for notable firms such as Kodak, Nokia, Wipro, and many more.

11. Aditya Gupta

In 2011, he founded Social Samosa with Ankitagba. His plan was to become a hub for the Indian social media industry by satisfying all earlier knowledge gaps. In 2015, it was sold to confidential investors for an undisclosed sum. According to an ET report, a group of investors bought the company for Rs.2-3 Cr. Now, Ankit works at his digital communications agency Igenero. He founded the company in 2009 with the objective of providing solutions for branding, web-based products and digital strategy on one platform. He has worked with well-known companies.

12. Jainendra singh

He is a Google certified digital marketer in india. His extensive experience in strategic planning and business structure has helped billions of dollars of companies in many industries. For so many years, they have been occupied in measuring the ROI of digital media activities, lead generation and content delivery through popular social and bookmark channels.

13. Laxmipati bhat

With 25 years of experience in the world of marketing, he blends traditional advertising methods and new digital information in a great way. Currently, he is the head of business communications for Robosoft Technologies, a leading mobility solutions partner. He worked with a successful track record in business development in Mumbai, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bangalore with demand for FMCG and service brands and leadership agency profit centers. He worked with P&G, BAT, GSK, Sara Lee, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting and ITC Foods.

14. Prashant Naidu

Moving on to start LI with his wife, Prashant worked as a business analyst in Singapore, India and the UK for six years.
Prashant Naidu is the founder of a four-and-a-half-year-old young online publishing start-up that covers social media marketing stories beyond press releases. LI has been listed in the Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2013 by Social Media Examiner and Indi Blogger. They believe that high quality content always stays and pays

15. Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain is the founder and CEO of “Shoot Order”, a top-ranked digital marketing company with over 200 customers worldwide. Along with this, he is also considered as the best digital marketing consultant in India. Rajat also writes a blog called “SpeakRJ”, where he shares his marketing experiences and latest developments in the market.

16. Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is a B.tech graduate and professional blogger. He has also worked at Convergys before becoming a full-time blogger. His blog “ShoutMeLoud” is a one-stop solution for every aspiring blogger out there. Blogging is a very important and important aspect of Digital Marketing. His expertise in blogging and contribution in this field is excellent.

17. Kunal Chaudhary

Kunal Chaudhary is the founder of Delhi School of Internet Marketing, a renowned digital marketing institute. He has 8+ years of digital marketing experience and has done internet marketing for top brands like Snapdeal, Myntra, Flipkart, FashionAndieu, Jabong etc. He is also a digital marketing specialist with over $ 2 million earned in revenue.

18. Rohit Onkar

Rohit Onkar is One of the best Digital Marketer, Business Leader and Trainer. Rohit has been able to successfully establish scale processes, manage cross-functional teams, increase the profitability of organizations and drive them to desired goals. He is the Head of Digital at Loylty Rewardz Mngt Pvt Ltd, where his role is to oversee daily digital marketing campaigns, set up large-scale processes, identify new monetization opportunities to create new revenue streams and drive daily campaign execution. Have to manage for. A cross-functional team. .

19. Anoop Mishra

Anoop Mishra is a digital marketing specialist. He is the co-founder of Prachar Mantra. Anoop has done BCA, MCA and MBA (Marketing)
He has helped many businesses do digital marketing effectively and efficiently. You can learn more about them at: https://www.anoopmishra.com

20. Suresh Babu

Suresh Babu is the founder and CEO of Web Marketing Academy. He is one of the best digital marketing trainers in India. Suresh holds an Executive MBA from IIMB.
He started his career as a lecturer for Hotel Management and Catering Science and today he is one of the best teachers of digital marketing.
Suresh is a visiting faculty and president at prominent universities like Christ University, Acharya B-School, Commits College, Manetti Community College. He also founded the online marketing enthusiast community, a community of passionate online marketing enthusiasts.

21. Arockiasamy Satya

This B2B marketing professional has contributed to transform the business through appropriate marketing and content strategy. He demonstrates expertise in the planning, construction, implementation, monitoring and analysis of marketing initiatives. When it comes to content writing, the different times with writing different marketing-related articles are true. The two most important business changes he made were in Brillio and Collabera. In addition, he has teamed up with Dell.

22. Chetan Deshpande

Chetan Deshpande is the CEO of Next Level Marketers. Next Level Marketers is a group of experts that takes your marketing and business development to the next level.
He has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and is a specialist in implementing and executing inbound marketing. Chetan is very active in the field of digital marketing and has also received many media coverage.

23. Prabhakar Alok

This youngest entrepreneur from Bihar, India, is a digital marketing expert and famous for trends in his city. Prabhakar Alok is the founder of 3 start-ups - DigiwaleBabu, My22yards and DigitalGucucool. Through this, he renders digital marketing services for start-ups across India. DigiwaleBabu is a marketing tool box that provides best-in-class services to its customers in all aspects of online marketing. Apart from being a Google certified digital marketer in India, Prabhakar Alok is a social activist and a star cricketer in his field.

24. Viren Patel

Viren Patel is a co-founder and mentor at Lavenir Institute of Professional Studies.
He has an MBA in Information Management from Somaiya Institute of Management and Research and has 10 years of experience in the web.
His institute Lavenir Institute of Professional Studies is training many people in digital marketing and growing at a great pace.

25. Ashok Lalla

Ashok Lalla is a best digital marketing expert in mumbai. He did his MBA in Marketing from JBIMS, Mumbai.
Ashok was Global Head - Digital Marketing at Infosys from 2012 to 2015. He has worked with many other large companies.
Ashok has a lot of knowledge and expertise in digital marketing. You can learn more about him - www.linkedin.com/in/ashoklalla


This was a list of the best digital marketers in India I was able to come up with.
Digital marketing is a very dynamic field and to specialize in digital marketing, one has to keep himself updated with the latest trends in digital marketing.

In addition, many of the digital marketing experts listed above provide free guidance to digital marketing enthusiasts. Students without any selfishness and helping the digital marketing community are impacting lives not only in India but around the world.
Obviously I have missed a lot of great minds that I do not know, and I am sorry to miss them!

If you know other great marketers in India, I love to know his name and his work in digital marketing. Leave them in the comments below!

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James Donald

James Donald


Attract More Investors Through Extensive ICO Marketing

Achieve all the business goals and long-term vision of the project by availing top-notch ICO marketing service. It involves strategic communication techniques across both online and offline channels to generate maximum traffic.

What is ICO marketing?

  • It showcases the benefits offered by the project to prospective investors.
  • Project-specific strategies will be implemented to gain a competitive edge in the market.
  • This will make the coin sale a huge success.
  • The main focus will be on retention of the existing investors and getting the support of new investors.

The various steps involved in ICO marketing

  • Analyzing the business requirements of the firm thoroughly.
  • Implementing the marketing strategy across different communication channels.
  • The results will be looked into regularly.
  • Suitable changes will be made by tweaking the overall strategy to increase the overall reach.

The benefits offered by ICO marketing

  • Maintenance of a high level of privacy and the confidentiality of the project is ensured.
  • A dedicated project manager is available to share real-time information about the progress made.
  • 24x7 technical support is offered in multiple languages.
  • A variety of packages are available to choose from ensuring personalization and complete customization.

The importance of community management and paid advertising

  • Active discussion is initiated on the top online crypto forums like Bitcointalk. CryptocurrencyTALK, and Bitcoin Garden.
  • Exposure is also given on platforms like CryptoInTalk, CryptoJunction, and the Bitcoin Forum.
  • Paid advertising is done through tools like Google Adwords and Bing Ads.
  • The aim will be on remarketing through sponsored posts, banner ads, premium, and featured listings.

The significance of social media and influencer marketing

  • Social media promotion is done aggressively on the leading networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and LinkedIn.
  • It involves creating new profiles and sharing the latest updates through attractive posts.
  • Influencer marketing is done by popular personalities on platforms like YouTube.
  • This helps in increasing the trust and credibility of your ICO project.

ICO marketing service is crucial for converting dreams into reality. The post-ICO marketing services include financial management, consulting, product development, and assisting in business growth.

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Dental SEO Marketing | Dentists SEO Marketing

Medibrandox is the largest company for marketing that provides SEO marketing for dentists and dental clinics and it is a practice of increasing website traffic of quality and quantity both. Dental SEO marketing works by optimizing your site for the search engine that helps to boost your website rank in Google as well as you get a lot of traffic of dentists related. If you are looking dental SEO marketing agency so you should go over the website.

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Deep Shah

Deep Shah


ICO Development Company | Hire ICO Developer in India | ICO Consulting

We at ICO Development cover all the major steps or activities i.e. light paper & white paper drafting, coin or token creation, ICO fundraising dashboard, coin drop, marketing plan, bounty management etc. that will help you to raise a successful ICO.

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