Contemplating Social Media As A Development Company

Contemplating Social Media As A Development Company

With usage tripled in the last decade, social media continues to grow and develop. There seems to be no end to the type or form of social media that we come across on a daily basis.

People across the globe are choosing social media as a way to find love, get information and share, find and keep in touch with distant relatives.

Top software companies have many items to check off on their list when they are creating new social media apps for clients. While many of us only think of a couple of social media apps, there are many more types that are out there. Social media is not just a place to converse with your friends or find your own true love. Here is a brief list of some types of social media that top software companies create and design.

• Relationship based networks

• Media Sharing

• Discussion Forums

• Social Publishing Platforms

• Bookmarking Sites

• Interest-Based Networks

While it is true that it takes the technological knowledge to create these, top software companies are also building dreams for clients. They are creating these apps to be feature rich, easy to maneuver around, enhance the brand of the owner, give credibility to the site and they also create ways to enhance customer service.

How they do this is through a many step process. They design a simple user interface, where on this a subject can create a personal profile, receive notifications, read the news, send attached files or simple messages to others. This all is done using a platform designed for the type of app you are after, there must be a budget in mind, these apps are not cheap. Some social apps had a startup fund of $500,000. The UX design must be chosen, again; based on the type of app the client is in need of. When the top software companies have all this setup, then it is time for the SEO strategy, the branding, and the advertising to begin.

In a relationship based network, users may keep in touch with friends, find long lost family, spread awareness of issues that mean a lot to them or even find true love. Users are also able to build their professional networks and exchange information with others.

The media sharing networks are just as the name states. These allow users to share media such as videos, pictures, music or the written word.

Discussion Forums are like the name suggests also. Users can find forums related to different topics and have discussions about their choice of topic. This could be automobile related, DIY ideas, book reading groups or any other number of possibilities.

Social Publishing Platforms would include bogging, vlogging, exchanging recipes, or any other text type of publishing. This is great for the budding novelist.

Bookmarking Sites can be quite a fun addiction to some users. You can type in a search term such as dessert recipes and you will be shown different ideas from other people all over the world. When you find the ones you want, you are able to save them to your own profile. The user can have as many “boards” as they want and they can attach each corresponding idea they choose.

Interest based Networks allow users to correspond with each other via an app that they share the same interest in. Whether this is a certain genre of reading material or music, anyone with the same interest is able to be there. These are mainly for businesses, the ones that sell specific items. Items such as musical instruments or clothing. Think of these networks as online retail stores.

It is a fact that roughly 40% of the world population is active via social media of some sort. It only makes sense that as a business you would utilize this option to reach more people with your ideas or products. Top software companies have or will do the most difficult areas of what you need. The final outcome is dependent on what you put into the network. Since social media is not the ‘One size fits all’ method. Using social media opens the doors to a multitude of possibilities for the user. Versus a newspaper ad taken out. Once it is printed, that is it. You can not go back and change everything unless you have the Rockefeller fortune in your pocket. Social media networks allow the user to change the information, create more and create their brand much quicker than the old ways of print.

Whether you depend on the free method or paid social media, the advertising you utilize is targeted to the specific areas and people that you want. The paid method of social media will put your ideas and content directly in front of those that have an interest.

When you are ready to share the idea, the book, the artwork, social media will allow your work to be seen by many more people with the same interests as you, and in turn, spreading the information which draws more communications toward your network. The top software companies combine all their knowledge along with UX/UI designs and create the ideal app that you desire.

There are many ways a layman can create their own social media pages, the difficult work is done, one only needs to make some choices, upload some photos, enter all the pertinent information and Voila’ you are in social media with your own page.


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