What is Polkadot? A Polkadot for Beginners Guide

3:20 - Brief history of the internet
10:59 - What is blockchain?
25:49 - History of blockchain and crypto
27:34 - What are the issues with legacy blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum?
37:04 - What is Polkadot?
40:20 - What problems is Polkadot solving?
51:43 - A world built on Polkadot in 5-10 years

Presentation by Bill Laboon and Dan Reecer

Polkadot Website: http://polkadot.network

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What is Polkadot? A Polkadot for Beginners Guide
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aaron silva


Polkadot Development | Polkadot Development Services | Polkadot Development Platform |

The Polkadot Blockchain Development has stormed online recently for its efficiency in transacting funds continuously without any loss. Investors can generate more revenue by investing in the Polkadot development protocol. The Polkadot is considered a protocol that initiates transfer across various blockchain platforms for users to experience safe transactions at high speed. Polkadot protocol is trending for its shared multi-chain network that performs multiple transactions simultaneously.

The Polkadot protocol is highly efficient for interconnecting with various platforms for better transactions. It eliminates the need for intermediaries to overcome traditional banking systems since each transaction is executed one by one since it is tedious for users. The Polkadot protocol inherited with parachain enables users to experience the power of multiprocessing for parallel transactions. The integration of Polkadot protocol enables high security over a complete network for communicating better with other parachains using XCMP.

Reasons to invest in Polkadot blockchain development platform :

  • The Polkadot protocol is inherited with parachain for experiencing various services like identity management, service for finance on several blockchains. The Polkadot Protocol is entirely decentralized, scalable and securitized for efficient multi-transactions.
  • The speed of transactions is increased in Blockchains for integrating Polkadot protocol, and entire data is processed and supported for increasing the volume of trade. The Polkadot protocol comes with high-end security systems that prevent various hacks and vulnerable activities.
  • It has improved the user interface for better interaction over blockchain for efficient transactions. It enables the exchange of data on various platforms without any loss in the transaction. The Polkadot network with parachain enables creating new blockchains or parachains connected with the main Polkadot chain.
  • Parachains on the Polkadot network can adopt a suitable governance model for accessing pre-built modules implemented on various on-chain governance systems. The on-chain governance maintains significant transparency over para communities.
  • It is highly interoperable on the Polkadot network for experiencing complete control over their fund transactions. It enables users to engage with continuous trade with other parachains and external networks. The Polkadots cross-chain model enables traders to exchange tokens and verify credentials.
  • The Polkadot protocol is highly flexible in that each parachain can have a unique design, token and governance process for optimized use cases. The parachains are specialized in several blockchains to experience a wide range of varieties such as service for finance and identity management.

The Polkadot blockchain development is ruling the entire blockchain world with unique features that benefit users to experience fast transactions. The Polkadot network is highly scalable for transactions to spread out for it to be processed parallely over a specialized layer of blockchain. The investors can reach out to Infinite Block Tech for gaining assistance towards Polkadot development on the blockchain platform cost-effectively.

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Tia Gottlieb


Beginners Guide to Machine Learning on GCP

Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning is a way to use some set of algorithms to derive predictive analytics from data. It is different than Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in a sense that In BI and Data analytics Businesses make decision based on historical data, but In case of Machine Learning , Businesses predict the future based on the historical data. Example, It’s a difference between what happened to the business vs what will happen to the business.Its like making BI much smarter and scalable so that it can predict future rather than just showing the state of the business.
  • **ML is based on Standard algorithms which are used to create use case specific model based on the data **. For example we can build the model to predict delivery time of the food, or we can build the model to predict the Delinquency rate in Finance business , but to build these model algorithm might be similar but the training would be different.Model training requires tones of examples (data).
  • Basically you train your standard algorithm with your Input data. So algorithms are always same but trained models are different based on use cases. Your trained model will be as good as your data.

ML, AI , Deep learning ? What is the difference?

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ML is type of AI

AI is a discipline , Machine Learning is tool set to achieve AI. DL is type of ML when data is unstructured like image, speech , video etc.

Barrier to Entry Has Fallen

AI & ML was daunting and with high barrier to entry until cloud become more robust and natural AI platform. Entry barrier to AI & ML has fallen significantly due to

  • Increasing availability in data (big data).
  • Increase in sophistication in algorithm.
  • And availability of hardware and software due to cloud computing.

GCP Machine Learning Spectrum

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  • For Data scientist and ML experts , TensorFlow on AI platform is more natural choice since they will build their own custom ML models.
  • But for the users who are not experts will potentially use Cloud AutoML or Pre-trained ready to go model.
  • In case of AutoML we can trained our custom model with Google taking care of much of the operational tasks.
  • Pre-trained models are the one which are already trained with tones of data and ready to be used by users to predict on their test data.

Prebuilt ML Models (No ML Expertise Needed)

  • As discuss earlier , GCP has lot of Prebuilt models that are ready to use to solve common ML task . Such as image classification, Sentiment analysis.
  • Most of the businesses are having many unstructured data sources such as e-mail, logs, web pages, ppt, documents, chat, comments etc.( 90% or more as per various studies)
  • Now to process these unstructured data in the form of text, we should use Cloud Natural Language API.
  • Similarly For common ML problems in the form of speech, video, vision we should use respective Prebuilt models.

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Abigail betty

Abigail betty


What is Bitcoin Cash? - A Beginner’s Guide

Bitcoin Cash was created as a result of a hard fork in the Bitcoin network. The Bitcoin Cash network supports a larger block size than Bitcoin (currently 32mb as opposed to Bitcoin’s 1mb).

Later on, Bitcoin Cash forked into Bitcoin SV due to differences in how to carry on its developments.

That’s Bitcoin Cash in a nutshell. If you want a more detailed review watch the complete video. Here’s what I’ll cover:

0:50 - Bitcoin forks
2:06 - Bitcoin’s block size debate
3:35 - Big blocks camp
4:26 - Small blocks camp
5:16 - Small blocks vs. big blocks arguments
7:05 - How decisions are made in the Bitcoin network
10:14 - Block size debate resolution
11:06 - Bitcoin cash intro
11:28 - BTC vs. BCH
12:13 - Bitcoin Cash (ABC) vs. Bitcoin SV
13:09 - Conclusion
📺 The video in this post was made by 99Bitcoins
The origin of the article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONhbb4YVRLM
🔺 DISCLAIMER: The article is for information sharing. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Not investment advice or legal advice.
Cryptocurrency trading is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks and that you are responsible for what you do with your money
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A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Web Application with Typescript and Express

Web applications are types of software applications that run on remote servers (source). Examples of web applications can range from word processors, to file scanners, video editing tools, shopping carts, and more. Web applications can be great additions to any website; they can even function as websites themselves (Facebook, Gmail, and Udacity’s classroom are all examples of popular web applications), so understanding how to set up and implement a web application is a fantastic skill to have.

For this guide, I am assuming that you already have a basic knowledge of npmnode and whatExpress Requests and Responses are (or that you at least know what they are used for in their basic sense). Also, I assume that you know what the npm install and mkdir commands do. You have to know basic Typescript to implement — or at least know basic JavaScript to read and understand — the code below. Finally, this is the base for the backend of a web application. You still need to create a frontend application using a framework like Angular or an HTML/CSS file to make requests and display responses.

Before you start, it’s important that you create a folder in your favorite place on your computer. This can be anywhere as long as you have a sense of how you are going to find it later when you come up with an awesome project to start developing.

The Process:

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What is Polkadot? A Polkadot for Beginners Guide

3:20 - Brief history of the internet
10:59 - What is blockchain?
25:49 - History of blockchain and crypto
27:34 - What are the issues with legacy blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum?
37:04 - What is Polkadot?
40:20 - What problems is Polkadot solving?
51:43 - A world built on Polkadot in 5-10 years

Presentation by Bill Laboon and Dan Reecer

Polkadot Website: http://polkadot.network

#polkadot #blockchain