How to Setup Bodhi Linux 6.0 (Lightweight)

How to Setup Bodhi Linux 6.0 (Lightweight)

Bodhi GNU/Linux is a Ubuntu-based distribution designed especially for Desktop computing and is best known for its elegant and lightweight nature. Thunar file manager, Chromium web browser, Terminology terminal emulator, ePhoto, and leafpad are the only applications in the Base System that are absolutely necessary. To download and install lightweight software in one go, use Apt or AppCenter.

1. First go to the official page of Bodhi Linux and grab the Bodhi Linux 6.0.0 for your system architecture and create a bootable UDB Drive using Unetbotoin or dd command], and restart the system. 2. Once your system reboots, you will be presented with the Bodhi Linux boot menu. 3.  Bodhi Linux Loading. 4.  Choose your preferred language and click Continue . 5.  Enlightenment (Default) Desktop Environment. 6.  From the Bodhi Live Environment, locate and click the Install Bodhi Linux  from the Main Desktop. Next, choose your preferred language and click Continue

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