What is Ajax and what is it used for JavaScript?

What is Ajax and what is it used for JavaScript?

With the help of AJAX, we can create dynamic web pages which allow us to display the changes immediately without the request having to be sent to the server again. AJAX helps to send only the important data/information to server instead of the entire web page which will eliminate the load on the server. This will help in faster processing and loading of the interactive web pages.

Asynchronous JavaScript And Xml (AJAX) is the best solution, whenever you want to update your webpages asynchronously by exchanging the data to/from the server . It simply means that without reloading the complete webpage for your application we can update parts of the web application dynamically and asynchronously without sending the request back to the server. AJAX is the combination of XMLHttpRequest Object, JavaScript and HTML DOM (Document Object Model).

As we already know, JavaScript allows us to add enhanced functionality and helps web pages to interact with the clients asynchronously. JavaScript mainly runs on the client side, which is known as the browser. Whenever a JavaScript function sends the request asynchronously from the client to the server, the server responds back with the response which is used to update the page. Generally, the response is in XML format, but it may be in JSON also. In simple terms, AJAX means the interaction between client and server.

AJAX enables us to partially update our web applications asynchronously. When the Ajax interaction is complete, JavaScript updates the HTML source of the page. The changes are made immediately without requiring a page refresh. Ajax interactions can be used to validate form entries while the user enters the data using server-side logic, to retrieve data from the server and to dynamically update data on a page.

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