Learn what’s new in Node.js 16 Features and Upgrade Node

Learn what’s new in Node.js 16 Features and Upgrade Node

This article covers the Node.js 16 features, and what all will be carried ahead in Long Term Support. Boost your next project with the upgrade Node version.

NodeJS community has been waiting for this futuristic update for quite a long time ago. However, the recent update rolled out a few days back of NodeJS of V16 is worth the waiting this whole time!

We will look over some essential new updates, which will lead us to be prepared for the next LTS version of the upgrade NodeJS is planning to have.

Then we will move forward to examine the latest updates NodeJS have done to our best features to give a more fruitful user experience.

Let’s go through some of the fresh features in NodeJS V16

  • The Promise APIs
  • Updated Platform support
  • N-API Version 8
  • V8 JavaScript Engine Version 9
  • Async Local Storage APIs

Node 16 has released these updates on Node 15, which basically works out as a - bridge between Node 15 and LTS futuristic version. How?

By adding such several recent additions to the Node 15 version, which eventually lead us to the LTS version, Foe instance

  • Node-API version
  • Stable Source Maps v3
  • implementation of the standard web-crypto API
  • stable AbortController support
  • Npm 7

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If we want to know more about these features in-depth and how we can leverage new updates, feel free to read our detailed article on Node.js 16 Features and how it has been implemented!

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