Selected Best Progressive Web App Frameworks in 2020 - SimiCart

Selected Best Progressive Web App Frameworks in 2020 - SimiCart

A comprehensive, handpicked list of the current best PWA frameworks, with which you should find the whole framework-picking process a lot easier to manage.

1. Angular

AngularJS PWA Framework

After you get through its initial steep learning curve, Angular is a great framework to work on. It’s fully modular in its nature, with each Angular element fully compatible with projects built using other frameworks. The whole developing process with Angular is also made much easier, as it’s built to save you the hassle of dealing with monotonous, repetitive tasks. Progressive Web Apps that are built using Angular also greatly benefit from its unique compilation method, Ahead of Time (AOT), which enables faster application rendering by converting Angular HTML and TypeScript code into efficient JavaScript code before the browser downloads and runs the app.

Latest versionAngular 9 (Released on February 6, 2020)

*Pros: *

  • Well-laid-out methodology 
  • Large and active community of developers
  • Complex infrastructure suitable for large scale projects
  • Great archive of third-party extensions to choose from
  • Optimized for speed and security, with unique and brilliant concept – ‘ahead of time compiler’
  • Dependency injection to increase code efficiency and modularity
  • Fully modular elements


  • Requires understanding of TypeScript
  • Steep learning curve
  • Not SEO-friendly

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