Bit Harmony: A New Tool To Create and Collaborate on Independent Node.js Components

Bit Harmony: A New Tool To Create and Collaborate on Independent Node.js Components

Bit Harmony: A New Tool To Create and Collaborate on Independent Node.js Components. What Is Bit? You don't have to extract the code to share it. You can export a component directly from inside your repository. People importing your components (as opposed to just installing them) can also collaborate. w

The latest open source tool you need for your development workflow

Everyone knows that if you want to share a piece of Node.js code as an individual component with other people, you need to create a package and publish it somewhere — ideally on NPM where people can find it, install it, and use it.

There is nothing wrong with that workflow. It’s been working so far and it’s perfect when you only care about people using it. But what if you want more? What if your intention is for others to use your code, update it as they see fit, and publish it back? This is not such an uncommon use case if you think about companies trying to have standard modules to use across multiple projects.

The only issue? With the currently available tools, you’d need a hybrid between NPM and Git to pull it off. That or a complex workflow. You pick.

And what if you’re dealing with a textbook case of a monorepo gone wrong? A single repository with the code base for your enterprise platform and every single in-house extension around it there as well. Every developer and their uncle are working on that repo, so you either set up a very complex branching model and pray your devs follow it or live your life solving merge conflicts and explaining how Git works to developers. This is not a scenario you want to be in (trust me, I’ve been there).

Luckily for you, Bit’s newest version, code-named  Harmony, is here to help.

Node component exported to a remote scope on

My Node component exported to a remote scope on

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