AI-Powered Web Prototyping

AI-Powered Web Prototyping

Create web prototypes using NLP

Airbnb created a prototyping tool that takes wire-frames either drawn on a whiteboard or paper and converts them into html which most of you have seen. I recently saw a project Sketch2Code on the Microsoft AI Labs that took an image and generated HTML out of it.

I didn't find much around this that was opensourced or probably I just didn't search that hard. I decided to create something that can create quick and dirty html prototypes using natural language.

For the NLU I decided to go for Snips-NLU although there are other alternatives like Spacy and a few others. For the web builder I used GatsbyJS.

The NLU intents were very simple and trained to take simple commands like add a textbox or add an image and a few other simple commands. These component slots were then mapped to pre-defined web components.

The NLU was wired up to communicate to the web-builder via sockets.

Below is a video to see this in action

You can find the code in my github repo:

Feel free to contribute an make it better!

Happy coding!!

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