Protobuf — A high-performance data-interchange format.

Protobuf — A high-performance data-interchange format.

Changing from JSON to Protobuf cut bandwidth usage from 7.86–12.57Mbps to 1.09–1.38Mbps and gives significant data transfer savings.

Protocol Buffers, commonly known as protobuf, is a binary data-interchange format that guarantees type-safety while being language-agnostic and cross-platform. The format is size-efficient and developed with a focus on high serialization/deserialization performance.

The format relies on pre-compiled schemas unlike other data-interchange formats such as JSON that can be serialized/deserialized using generic libraries. The official compiler supports C++, C#, Dart, Go, Java and Python. Utilizing protobuf with a language not supported by the compiler, while possible, is quite cumbersome.

Schema Files

The schema is defined in .proto _files using the language defined in the official language guide. It supports complex structures including nested types, optional fields, repeated fields _(arrays), mappings, and much more.

syntax = "proto3";

package Example;
message Entity {
  int32 identifier = 1;
  optional string description = 2;
  repeated Coordinate points = 3;
message Coordinate {
  optional int32 x = 1;
  optional int32 y = 2;

This schema is then compiled into the desired languages using protoc _which produces a number of files with class definitions for each _message entity.

Performance — Message Size

I first discovered protobuf while working on Abathur, a framework for modularized StarCraft II agents. The entire game state has to be synchronized every _game step _(16Hz at normal game speed, 22.4Hz at faster) — which creates a high bandwidth requirement, so I decided to run some tests.

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