C# business logic is applied brain damage

C# business logic is applied brain damage

This is my second murder this week. This time it's statically compiled programming languages as the basis for your business logic

Business logic requirements will change. Hence, applying BL in a programming language requiring recompilation, re-deployment, re-testing, etc - Is the equivalent of attempting to create an airplane out of bricks and mortar. However, don't believe me, let's look at the solutions in a similar type of scenario; Game programming.

All successful games, starting from Wolfenstein and Doom, had scripting languages and dynamic file formats for loading levels. This allowed the creator to use the same "engine" to create multiple games, and/or levels, and apply new scripts for how the NPC characters in the game evolved and behaved. The dynamic parts of a computer game, is the equivalent of Business Logic for an app. Hence, having access to some sort of "dynamic scripting language" to replace your existing business logic, allows you to completely change the nature of your app, yet still use the same core (statically compiled) building blocks. In a computer game, this core is arguably stuff such as the polygon rendering engine, the physics engine, the sound and speech engine - And this stuff should be built in an extremely fast compiled programming language. In an enterprise application, this is stuff such as sending emails, creating database records, authentication and authorisation, etc - And this should also be created in a compiled language.

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