NextJS Pages, CSS, Static Files | NextJS Crash Course

This in the third video in my NextJS framework crash course series! NextJS is a javascript framework that lets you build server-side rendering and static web applications using React. In this video, we look at the basics. We go over pages and routing, look at the multiple ways to add CSS (global stylesheet in _app.js, in line, and jsx) and how to add static files such as images, robots.txt, Google Site Verification, and any other static files including HTML.

Social media dashboard GitHub:
NextJS website:
My website api route example:

(0:00) Introduction
(0:43) Pages and Routing
(3:43) Adding CSS
(12:30) Static file serving

NextJS Crash Course Video Outline:
Course Intro -
What is Next.js? -
Pages, CSS, Static Files - ⬅️⬅️⬅️ You are here
getInitialProps -
getStaticProps -
getStaticPaths -
getServerSideProps -
YouTube API -
GitHub API -
Strava API -
Deploying On Vercel -

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NextJS Pages, CSS, Static Files | NextJS Crash Course