Microservices Architecture – Definitions, Pros and Cons, Resources

Microservices Architecture – Definitions, Pros and Cons, Resources

Microservices Architecture – Definitions, Pros and Cons, Resources. Are you thinking about microservices architecture? This article has all the resources you need to make your decision, including pros and cons of microservices! Who wanted to reap the supposed benefits of this architecture, even though they really didn’t fully understand what microservices actually are.

Microservices – not so long ago this word functioned as a buzzword in the minds of many developers and business people, who wanted to reap the supposed benefits of this architecture, even though they really didn’t fully understand what microservices actually are. Today, there are tons of companies that made microservices part of their everyday reality. But is it really all roses for them? How much of their experience with microservices in 2021 is made of struggle?

If you haven’t started following The Software House blog today, you’re probably aware that we wrote a fair share of articles about microservices.

It’s hardly surprising, considering that we made microservices a huge part of our approach to  software architecture . We also love  Node.js  – a JavaScript framework that goes with microservices like peanut butter goes with jam (or pierogi with onions and bacon, considered a regular breakfast at our company[1], if we insisted on  our Polish roots ). We even made  an entire report  on microservices based on a survey of +650 tech leaders. In addition to that, we are an  official AWS Select Consulting Partner .

Having said all that, we felt that we needed an introduction article for CTOs and other decision-makers who still ponder whether microservices are the step in the right direction for them.Below, you will also find a full list of all microservices-related articles we have ever written! Take your time exploring the potential of microservices in 2021!

What are microservices?

Microservices are a popular variant of the service-oriented architecture, in which the application is arranged as a collection of loosely coupled services.  

Want a more descriptive explanation? Imagine a huge corporation. It probably has some departments responsible for specific areas such as IT, Human Resources, Finances etc. Each department has its own culture, backlog and processes. When you need to do something related to IT, you call them. When you need to check an invoice, you go to Finances.

Those are microservices. A relatively small application, responsible for a specific domain. That way, each problem can be taken care of by a resource specialized in that one problem only.

For a more technical explanation, read the “Advantages and disadvantages of using microservices” article linked at the end of this post.

According to the State of Microservices report, JavaScript (Node in particular) is the most popular programming language for microservices-based development

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