Build a GraphQL Server with Spring Boot in 3 minutes

Build a GraphQL Server with Spring Boot in 3 minutes

This is a quick start guide to start using graphql in your springboot applications ASAP.

This article focuses on how to set up a GraphQL server from scratch, utilizing Spring Boot.

There are many different libraries with different approaches for the same. However, the library I used here has a mature Spring Boot support and is very easy to use. So this may be one of your fastest options.

Also, This article focuses only on the setup and configuration part and does not cover up basics about GraphQL. I suggest you should read official documentation to read basics and divulge more into GraphQL.

In this tutorial, we are going to use a project called graphql-tools to integrate GraphQL with Spring Boot. According to the project GitHub page readme, graphql-tools “allows you to use the GraphQL schema language to build your graphql-java schema and allows you to BYOO (bring your own object) to fill in the implementations.”

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