Benefits of MEAN Stack for application development🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Benefits of MEAN Stack for application development🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

MEAN is a full stack JavaScript framework that enables rapid development of web applications. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, and Node.js, on which they all run....

MEAN is a full stack JavaScript framework that enables rapid development of web applications. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, and Node.js, on which they all run....

Using MEAN, you can use JavaScript to generate the entire code from the client to the server. All the MEAN components are open source which means that they get updated on a regular basis and there is a large resource pool available for reference. Considering this, it is no wonder that MEAN has found wide acceptance in the JS community and remains the framework of choice for app development.

Let’s take a quick look at the underlying technologies of the MEAN Stack.


MongoDB is classified as a NoSQL database and is a document-oriented, cross-platform database. It uses JSON-like documents with dynamic schemes instead of a more traditional table-based relational database.


Express is a flexible and minimal node.js web application framework that provides a set of stable features to develop single, multipage, or hybrid websites.


AngularJS is maintained by Google and is an open source JavaScript framework that is ideal for single page applications. It augments browser-based applications with an MVC capability to make development and testing more efficient.

Node JS

The Node.js platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. It enables the development of fast and scalable network applications. It is efficient and lightweight as it uses a non-blocking I/O model and is event driven. It is ideal for running real-time, data-intensive applications across distributed networks and devices.

To learn more, you could sign up for Mean Stack Web Development training. There are several Mean Stack Web Development courses available online and offline.

Here are some benefits of MEAN Stack for developing mobile apps and websites.

MEAN Makes It Easy to Switch Between Client and Server

Developing an app using MEAN is simple and efficient because developers can write the client side and server side code in one language, JavaScript. The complete project can be coded by a JavaScript coder using MEAN Stack and a developer can deploy the application directly on the server using Node.js. This method doesn’t require a standalone server.

MEAN Allows Isomorphic Coding

One of the biggest advantages of using MEAN Stack is that it allows you to transfer code between various frameworks seamlessly. This has made MEAN very popular with both developers and companies looking for ways to transcend applications and web development projects.

MEAN Supports MVC architecture

MEAN Stack allows for Model View Architecture (MVC) which basically divides the application into three interconnected but distinct parts. This separates the information that developers need to see and the way they see it from the way the end user needs to see it. This allows MEAN Stack development teams to be effective and efficient.

Mean Is Highly Flexible

After successful completion of an application development process using MEAN, you can test it easily on the cloud platform. MEAN also allows you to add additional information by adding the field directly to your form. MongoDB. provides automatic replication and cluster support and is designed specifically for the cloud platform.

MEAN Uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

MEAN stack uses JSON as the format for data interchange across all its layers. Both AngularJS and Node.js frameworks use JSON, which means that no libraries are required to convert data between a client and server interaction.

MEAN is Cost Effective

To develop applications using MEAN Stack, you only require developers who are proficient in JavaScript. Whereas, for example, if you’re using the LAMP Stack, your developers need to be skilled in MySQL, JavaScript, and PHP. When you consider cost-to-company, using MEAN Stack requires fewer developers which translate to additional savings in terms of time and money spent to hire, train, and maintain those developers.

MEAN Is Fast And Reusable

The open and non-blocking architecture of Node.js makes it very fast. Another component of MEAN, Angular.js is an open source JavaScript framework that makes it easy to test, maintain, and reuse code.

MEAN Is Open Source and Cloud Compatible

MEAN Stack and its underlying technology components, MongoDB, Express, Angular.js, and Node.js are an open source technology platform and are free to use. The technology development process uses libraries and public repositories which significantly reduces development costs. Additionally, MongoDB enables deployment of cloud technologies, which further reduces disk space requirement and costs.


If you need an efficient and effective tool to develop a modern, responsive, dynamic, and affordable web application, then MEAN Stack is the ideal solution. The fact that MEAN is open source means that it is very versatile and is updated frequently by an extremely large developer community. If you want to learn more, you can enroll in a MEAN Stack Web Development course.

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