Get to know your friends with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Get to know your friends with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Prepare, explore and understand user habits using NLP and Plotly. Doing a new project and having a good idea can be challenging. During the last months, amidst the strange situation, we are all in, I did not know what project to do.

Doing a new project and having a good idea can be challenging. During the last months, amidst the strange situation, we are all in, I did not know what project to do. I started a few projects but I did not finish them because the results were not promising and not worthy of an article. I knew that I did not want to use a Data Set on Kaggle or elsewhere, but I wanted to do an end-to-end project by using data that I would need to collect.

After browsing through articles/projects on Medium, thanks to the article of Samir Sheriff, I found out that it is possible to analyze data from a WhatsApp Group, and as I have not done a project on Natural Language Processing or NLP, I thought this was a great opportunity to sharpen my technical skills.

Build your own Whatsapp Chat Analyzer

A step-by-step guide using Python

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural language is used for everyday communication between humans, such as Messenger, e-mails, Whatsapp, social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). The data from these sources are highly unstructured for both text and speech, thus making it difficult to parse and comprehend by machines. Natural language processing (NLP) is concerned with the interaction between natural human language and computers. It is an intersection among the fields of linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

Nowadays, most of the data are classified as unstructured data, meaning that the data collected are not organized in tables, like in Microsoft Excel. It is, therefore, more difficult to analyze and not easily searchable, which is why it was not useful for organizations until recent years. It often requires a lot of time to clean and organize the data into a useful data frame, which is for many people a boring task. If this information is ignored, companies aren’t using everything available to them to be successful. Right now in the job market, more and more companies are looking for a specialist to analyze these data as they want to leverage this precious information. I did a similar article in the past about how to collect and process tweets to an Amazon S3 bucket.

How to Extract Data from Twitter through Cloud Computing

By using Python and Tweepy

Artificial intelligence algorithms now help to automatically extract meaning from the volumes of unstructured data that are generated daily. Companies use big data tools and software such as Hadoop to prepare, mine, integrate, store, track, index, and report business insights from raw unstructured data.

I have summarized the main application of NLP below:

  • Classification: Classify documents based on the content, this technology is used for a spam filter in the email box or to analyze the reviews on a product.
  • Recommendation: selects themost relevant document based on the given information via a content-based on an algorithm. This technology is used by Google, Netflix, Amazon to recommend something based on your previous searches.
  • Topic Modelling: Understand the meaning of a text by interpreting patterns and identify a structure behind each individual.

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