Build a testimonial card with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In this post we are going to have some good time with CSS animations and DOM manipulation by building an animated testimonial card using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

You can check it live here


We start by wrapping our elements in the main tag.

  <!--This is the current testimonial-->
  <div class="testimonial-container testimonial-active">
    <div class="testimonial-header"></div>
    <div class="testimonial-body">
      <img alt="Avatar" src="" class="testimonial-avatar" />
    <div class="testimonial-footer">
        <span><i class="fab fa-google"></i></span>
        <span><i class="fab fa-linkedin"></i></span>
        <span><i class="fab fa-twitter"></i></span>
        <button id="next">
          <i class="fa fa-3x fa-chevron-circle-right"></i>

We gonna have two main div, the first will be used for the actual testimonial card and the second in the code block below will help us to show the next testimonial card.

Notice that the HTML content will be added through javaScript.

      <!--This is the next testimonial-->
      <div class="testimonial-ghost-container">
        <div class="testimonial-ghost-header"></div>
        <div class="testimonial-ghost-body">
          <img alt="Avatar" src="" />
        <div class="testimonial-ghost-footer">
            <span><i class="fab fa-google"></i></span>
            <span><i class="fab fa-linkedin"></i></span>
            <span><i class="fab fa-twitter"></i></span>
            <button id="ghost-next">
              <i class="fa fa-3x fa-chevron-circle-right"></i>

As i say earlier, this div will be hidden at the start. But when we switch to the next testimonial, it will be used to show the two testimonial cards at the same time.

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Build a testimonial card with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Web Monster

Web Monster


Creating a Responsive Blog with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Are you looking to build a professional-looking blog with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? In this video 

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From creating the layout of your blog with HTML and CSS to adding interactivity and functionality with JavaScript, 

we'll cover everything you need to know to create a fully functional blog. Whether you're a blogger, 

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We'll also provide some tips and tricks along the way to help you optimize your blog for search engines, improve your website's accessibility, and enhance the user experience. 

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In this video we broadly cover the concepts of CSS Flex box and CSS Grid system and Some CSS Properties such as nth child selector, ::before & ::after much more.

Don't forget to join the channel for more videos like this. Code Savvy

📁 Assets 
Icons :
Fonts :
GitHub :

Outline ⏱

0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Result
0:38 - Project Setup
01:35 – Reset HTML
02:21 – Left Container HTML
03:41 – Wrapper
14:58 – Bottom Shoe Nav
26:23 – Right Container HTML
33:10 – Product Size
35:49 – Reviews
41:11 – GSAP Animations

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