CSS Clamp(): The Responsive Combination We’ve All Been Waiting For

Today is such a wonderful time to write CSS

You know that moment when you’re coding something and think to yourself: “I wish this [text, image, box, insert element of your choice here] would grow or shrink depending on the viewport size… but only up to a certain point”?

If you haven’t experienced this yet, not to worry, you will. But what you won’t have to do is come up with some complex event listeners using the Web API ResizeObserver or CSS calc() functions or even CSS media queries that would swap out complete elements or components depending on the viewport size. 😓

No, nothing requiring so much effort as that anymore, for we live in an age where CSS is awesome, and it just keeps getting better by the day (and with wider and wider spread browser support too). Today, I want to share with you the CSS clamp() function — a single function, purpose-built to allow almost any element to adjust its size within certain bounds to fit the viewport.

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CSS Clamp(): The Responsive Combination We’ve All Been Waiting For
anita maity

anita maity


Responsive Footer Design using HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

Hello Readers, welcome to my other blog, today in this blog I’m going to create a Responsive Footer by using HTML & CSS only. Earlier I have shared How to create a Responsive Navigation Menu and now it’s time to create a footer section.

As you can see on the image which is given on the webpage. There are various important topics there like About us, Our services and subscribes, some social media icons, and a contact section for easy connection. I want to tell you that it is fully responsive. Responsive means this program is fit in all screen devices like tablet, small screen laptop, or mobile devices.

Live Demo

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wp codevo

wp codevo




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Nandini roy

Nandini roy


Responsive Personal Portfolio Website Using HTML CSS and JavaScript

Tutorial: https://youtu.be/9DDiorNZiyw

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wp codevo

wp codevo


Responsive Personal Portfolio Website using HTML CSS & JavaScript


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