Top Developer Trends for 2021

Top Developer Trends for 2021

Top Developer Trends for 2021. What are the key trends relevant to development teams in 2021? Here the top picks from the Docker team.

The year 2020 will go down in the history books for so many reasons. For Docker, despite the challenges of our November 2019 restructuring, we were fortunate to see 70% growth in activity from our 11.3 million monthly active users sharing 7.9 million apps pulled 13.6 billion times per month. Thank you, Docker team, community, customers, and partners!

But with 2020 behind us it’s natural to ask, “What’s next?” Here in the second week of January, we couldn’t be more excited about 2021. Why? Because the step-function shift from offline to online of every dimension of human activity brought about by the global pandemic is accelerating opportunities and challenges for development teams. What are the key trends relevant to development teams in 2021? Here are our top picks:

The New Normal: Open, Distributed Collaboration

More Microservices, Less Complexity

Accelerating Democratization of AI/ML

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