Best Machine Learning (ML) Books — Free and Paid — Editorial Recommendations

Best Machine Learning (ML) Books — Free and Paid — Editorial Recommendations

For the past year, we have looked at over 8,371 machine learning (ML) books [1], and we have picked what we consider to be the best paid…

Nowadays, we know that machine learning and its applications have become inevitable [5] for most (if not all) businesses. Hence, there is a surge of proficient machine learning engineers. We know that machine learning can be intimidating if you are just starting your career in this domain. Therefore, if you plan to move into the scientific field of machine learning, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the wide variety of books related to machine-learning available online. In this article, we will list some of the best books on machine learning. These books are frequently used in university courses and recommended by professors and industry experts.

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Hello Vue 3: A First Look at Vue 3 and the Composition API

Building a simple Applications with Vue 3

Deno Crash Course: Explore Deno and Create a full REST API with Deno

How to Build a Real-time Chat App with Deno and WebSockets

Convert HTML to Markdown Online

HTML entity encoder decoder Online

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