How to Create a Simple Recipe API with Django and Python

How to Create a Simple Recipe API with Django and Python

Django gives us the ability to create API’s at a minimum time while preserving the versatility of Python. We will be able to create a simple recipe app that will be ready to use via POSTMAN or any other URL call.

Having an API that performs CRUD seamlessly across the platform is very important. Having a single source of data for various platforms like apps and website is a must at this age and day.

Django gives us the ability to create API’s at a minimum time while preserving the versatility of Python. We can create API’s with a fully functional dashboard within minutes. On top of that, It has a GUI with ADMIN login such as authentication adding users are already inbuilt.

In this article, we will be able to create a simple recipe app that will be ready to use via POSTMAN or any other URL call.

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Creating the Environment

Things we are gonna need to create the API:

  1. Python 3+
  2. Git Bash (or Powershell)
  3. Visual Studio Code or any text editor you like

But first, we need to create an isolated virtual environment.

A virtual environment is a tool that helps to keep dependencies required by different projects separate by creating isolated Python virtual environments for them. This is one of the most important tools that most Python developers use.

The following Commands are used to set up and activate.

Create the directory for this environment in any of your preferred drive.

mkdir /C/”your project”

cd /C/”project”

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Now you are in the Project Directory. Time to set up a virtual environment.

If you are in Python 2 use, even tho it is not preferred.

python -m virtualenv djangoapi

Else if in Python 3, use.

python -m venv djangoapi

Now to activate the virtual environment.

In Windows

Source venv/scripts/activate
in Mac 
source bin/activate

You can see the packages installed inside the environment. You can check on that by using** pip freeze. **AS of now, you wouldn’t see any list of packages added.

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Next, we install all the dependencies we need. And then you should run pip freeze to see the changes.

pip install Django

pip install Djangorestapi

Once you have successfully installed all dependencies it should look like this.

Image for post


Once We have successfully installed Django, it's time to create our recipe project. Django has made our lives easier by giving a bunch of predefined commands. You can the Start project command to startproject djangoapiproject

now hit ls to see the directory.

Image for post

Now our directory for the project has been created.

We can now transfer onto the Text Editor, my preference is Visual Studio Code.

Select your the designated folder in my case which is


Before we can migrate all our dependencies we need to first see whether all of them are listed in In my case, rest_framework was to be added.

Image for post

Now that we have added the applications list, we can now migrate the dependencies.

winpty python migrate

You will see all of your admin dependencies being migrated into the

Image for post

Now from the file will become the focal point of our project.

To see the changes successfully installed.

python runserver

You can observe the live project in the following by going on to localhost:8000

Image for post

Now we are set up to create our very first own API.

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