Vuethereum: The Vue library Ethereum deserves

Vuethereum: The Vue library Ethereum deserves


An easy Vue.js Component Library for Ethereum Decentralized Applications (Dapps).

Developing blockchain applications for Ethereum (or Dapps) is a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs for developers. The potential decentralization offers is exciting, but the ecosystem is still feeling it’s growing pains as there are still barriers to user adoption and development. As a result, building the frontend for Dapps can be a painful process for developers…until today. The Matryx Team ( has been working on easier ways of creating a Vue.js based frontend for Dapps supporting Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Introducing Vuethereum

Vuethereum is a collection of Vue.js components for interfacing with Ethereum’s Web3. As a result, it combines the power of working with Web3 smart contracts, with the simplicity of developing with Vue.js.

Getting started

Simply install the library via NPM:

npm install vuethereum

Then include it in your project:

// main.js
import Vue from 'vue'
import Vuethereum from ‘vuethereum’
// the rest of your main.js file

What does it include?

At the time of writing, Vuethereum includes four components:

  • vth-blockie: For depicting a string as an Ethereum Blockie.
  • vth-contract: Instantiates a smart contract from a provided ABI and Address.
  • vth-status: A component that provides Web3 details for the current environment.
  • vth-tx: Provides details about a transaction and updates whenever it is mined.

With these tools in place, we can build a complex UI’s that can check if Web3 is available, access the user’s address and network, provide a smart contract to interface with, and finally, show the details from any transaction. Cool!


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