Thinking Of The Days, Those Serverless Days You Gave Me

Thinking Of The Days, Those Serverless Days You Gave Me

Thinking Of The Days, Those Serverless Days You Gave Me. A recap of the first Serverless Days event in Ireland, hosted in Belfast on January 24th 2020. That’s what happened in Belfast last Friday with the first Serverless conference in Ireland, Serverless Days Belfast.

There’s something very special about a single-day, single-track, single-topic conference in your home city that offers a day of learning, a pint afterwards and home in time for the kids' bedtime.

That’s what happened in Belfast last Friday with the first Serverless conference in Ireland,  Serverless Days Belfast.

10 Talks, 4 lightning talks, around 300 people, excellent coffee, fabulous lunch and spectacular traybakes.1

Paul Swail has done an excellent write-up already, so I won’t attempt to repeat what he’s said. Go  read his report.

Here are my thoughts after each of the presentations.

Kicking us off  Danilo Poccia gave a history of Serverless on AWS and an overview of what’s currently available. He challenged us to think about what we need to learn or unlearn.

For me, that’s a crucial step and one that events like Serverless Days help with. Serverless software development differs from traditional techniques and there is a lot of unlearning to do. Approaches that work in legacy application development can be bad patterns when using Serverless.

That thought was echoed in  Jeremy Daly’s talk which focused on techniques to integrate non-serverless components. You need to think differently about resiliency and scaling techniques because “Everything has Limits”. Jeremy has also published a number of  serverless patterns.


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