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How to use Buttons in Xamarin Forms - Ep:4

How to use Buttons in Xamarin Forms using Visual Studio 2019.
How to handle button click event & how to use command & pass command parameter in Button.
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How to use Buttons in Xamarin Forms - Ep:4

How to Design Login Page using Xamarin Forms C# | Login Form | Sign In UI Design


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Xamarin Forms Training Institute | Xamarin Forms Development Classes | Xamarin Training

In this Xamarin Online course, you will learn each and every topic with the help of hands-on labs. This program includes a hands-on live project with the implementation of recommended design patterns and practices. The learning path for this program is given below:
Xamarin Training objective
At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to;

  1. Understand Xamarin architecture
  2. Understand Xamarin .Android, Xamarin. iOS fundamentals
  3. Understand Xamarin. Forms fundamentals
  4. Build UI with XAML and code
  5. Work with images, display data beautifully and create interactive lists
  6. Implement multi-page apps with navigation, tabs, master/detail pages
  7. Store and retrieve data from a variety of sources like file system, SQLite database and RESTful services
  8. Implement MVVM pattern

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How to use Picker in Xamarin Forms | ComboBox | Dropdown | DropdownList


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Setting up Mobile Development Environment for Xamarin Forms in Visual Studio 2019


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Codeigniter 4 Autocomplete Textbox From Database using Typeahead JS - Tuts Make

Autocomplete textbox search from database in codeigniter 4 using jQuery Typeahead js. In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement an autocomplete search or textbox search with database using jquery typehead js example.

This tutorial will show you step by step how to implement autocomplete search from database in codeigniter 4 app using typeahead js.

Autocomplete Textbox Search using jQuery typeahead Js From Database in Codeigniter

  • Download Codeigniter Latest
  • Basic Configurations
  • Create Table in Database
  • Setup Database Credentials
  • Create Controller
  • Create View
  • Create Route
  • Start Development Server

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