Why my Outlook is not Sending Emails

Why my Outlook is not Sending Emails

call @: +1-(888)-409-0908 Visit Our Website: https://www.webupro.com/why-my-outlook-is-not-sending-emails/ Reasons and Possible Solutions for Outlook Not Sending Emails Outlook can encounter any technical failure at any time. It will be better...

call @: +1-(888)-409-0908

Visit Our Website: https://www.webupro.com/why-my-outlook-is-not-sending-emails/

Reasons and Possible Solutions for Outlook Not Sending Emails Outlook can encounter any technical failure at any time. It will be better to rectify it urgently before it creates performance problems. The common problem Outlook often faces is the inability to send emails. This is a big problem for users whose work is related to emails.

The solution for Outlook not sending emails is described below. You can check the process and fix it instantly. Also, in this blog, you will know the main reason why this problem occurs. You can also connect with the Outlook customer support team for any kind of problem. The customer representatives present there will help you with your problems and make sure that you do not face a similar problem or any kind of problem in the future. There are several ways to contact the Outlook customer support team. All forms can be accessed using your mobile phone. Speaking on the phone with Outlook customer representatives, emailing the support team, starting a live chat, and asking for help on various social networks are some of the ways to interact with the Outlook customer support team.

Top reasons why Outlook won't send emails The key reasons Outlook won't send emails are outlined below. You can check and work on them.

The server may cause a problem sending emails. The authentication problem also caused difficulties in sending emails. Check your Outlook server settings for this, you can contact your email address provider. It is recommended to keep an additional email address as a backup for future use.

How can I fix Outlook not sending emails?

Please follow the steps mentioned below to fix Outlook not sending emails.

Troubleshooting is the best option:

Go to the Control Panel of your device. Find the user accounts and then open "Mail". Tap on "Add". Go to "Profile name" where you should type a name according to your convenience. After doing so, tap on the "OK" option. To continue, tap "Manually configure server settings". The Choose Service page will open on your screen where you must press the "Internet E-mail" option. Touch the "Next" option to proceed to the next step. Internet email settings will ask you for some credentials that you need to enter. After completing all the credentials, click POP3 for the account type. Touch the "Next" option and then press "Finish". Now, you can check whether you are receiving new emails or not.

Enable the TCP / IP protocol:

Go to the search menu. Enter ncpa.cpl there and click the "Enter" button. Go to internet settings and right click on it. Find the option "Properties" and press it. Check the option of “Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP / IPv6). Press "OK" to finish.

Solve the authentication problem: Open the "Tools" menu where you should go to "Email Accounts". Tap the option to "View or change existing email account". Click Next". Touch the email account you want to highlight. Press the "Change" option and then go to the "More settings" option. Find the outgoing server and then click OK, Next and Finish to finish the process. So these are some of the basic fixes for email not being sent from Outlook. For any kind of difficulty, please contact the Outlook customer service team directly. They will help you in a number of ways. The best part is that you will receive assistance 24 hours a day in one call.

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