5 Top Programming Languages For Your Android App Development Project

5 Top Programming Languages For Your Android App Development Project

If you're looking to develop an Android app, you may want to make use of JAVA, Kotlin, C++, C#, or Lua to give your app the best chance at success.

Stop and think how many times you use an app in a day. Several times, isn't it? A survey conducted by "dscout" found that average smartphone users touch their phone 2,617 times a day and spend an average of 145 minutes per day on their mobile phones.

In fact, there is probably an app waiting to be discovered in your app store for every possible human need. So it comes as no surprise that the demand for mobile apps has steadily increased since the smartphone was invented.

No human doubts the future of mobile application development and mobile programming languages. Gone are the days when companies could ignore mobile users! Entrepreneurs leave no stone unturned for their apps to reach the top of downloads and achieve success. Having crossed a milestone, if your company is not mobile app-ready, then my friend: you are in trouble today!

Wondering how you will get out of this? It's not difficult; you have to make some right decisions like choosing the right programming language, hiring developers from a reliable Android app development company, and coming up with a unique app idea.

In this blog, we will discuss the top programming languages for your dream android app development.


JAVA is seen as the official Android development programming language. With built-in open-source libraries available for users to choose from, JAVA is easy to handle and offers the best documentation and community support. Its vibrant spectrum of features gives the freedom of developing the best cross-platform apps, Android apps, games, server apps, embedded space, websites, and more.

Consequently, JAVA is also the most widely used language. Many of the Play Store applications are built with JAVA, and it is also the most supported language by Google. JAVA also comes with a great online community for support if any problems arise. (And trust me, there will be problems!)

However, JAVA is a complicated language for a beginner to use as it contains complex topics like constructors, null pointer exceptions, concurrency, flagged exceptions, etc. Additionally, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) takes complexity to a new level.

Overall, JAVA is a great language to experience all the joys of Android application development.

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