How to Add Elements to an Array in JavaScript

How to Add Elements to an Array in JavaScript

I would like to discuss some common ways of adding an element to a JavaScript array. JavaScript Array Insert - How to Add to an Array with the Push Method, Unshift Method, and Concat Functions

JavaScript arrays are easily one of my favorite data types. They are dynamic, easy to use, and offer a whole bunch of built-in methods we can take advantage of.

However, the more options you have the more confusing it can be to decide which one you should use.

In this article, I would like to discuss some common ways of adding an element to a JavaScript array.

The Push Method

The first and probably the most common JavaScript array method you will encounter is push(). The push() method is used for adding an element to the end of an array.

Let's say you have an array of elements, each element being a string representing a task you need to accomplish. It would make sense to add newer items to the end of the array so that we could finish our earlier tasks first.

Let's look at the example in code form:

const arr = ['First item', 'Second item', 'Third item'];

arr.push('Fourth item');

console.log(arr); // ['First item', 'Second item', 'Third item', 'Fourth item']

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