Cloudflare Acquires Linc

Cloudflare Acquires Linc

Cloudflare Acquires Linc. Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Linc, an automation platform to help front-end developers collaborate and build powerful applications.

Cloudflare has always been about democratizing the Internet. For us, that means bringing the most powerful tools used by the largest of enterprises to the smallest development shops. Sometimes that looks like putting our global network to work defending against large-scale attacks. Other times it looks like giving Internet users simple and reliable privacy services like Last week, it looked like  Cloudflare Pages — a fast, secure and free way to build and host your  JAMstack sites.

We see a huge opportunity with Cloudflare Pages. It goes beyond making it as easy as possible to deploy static sites, and extending that same ease of use to building full dynamic applications. By creating a seamless integration between Pages and  Cloudflare Workers, we will be able to host the frontend and backend together, at the edge of the Internet and close to your users. The  Linc team is joining Cloudflare to help us do just that.

Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of  Linc, an automation platform to help front-end developers collaborate and build powerful applications. Linc has done amazing work with  Frontend Application Bundles (FABs), making dynamic backends more accessible to frontend developers. Their approach offers a straightforward path to building end-to-end applications on Pages, with both frontend logic and powerful backend logic in one bundle. With the addition of Linc, we will accelerate Pages to enable richer and more powerful full-stack applications.

Combining Cloudflare’s edge network with Linc’s approach to server-side rendering, we’re able to set a new standard for performance on the web by delivering the speed of powerful servers close to users. Now, I’ll hand it over to Glen Maddern, who was the CTO of Linc, to share why they joined Cloudflare.

Linc and the Frontend Application Bundle (FAB) specification were designed with a single goal in mind: to give frontend developers the best possible tools to build, review, refine, and deploy their applications. An important piece of that is making server-side logic and rendering much more accessible, regardless of what type of app you're building.

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