What Is Asynchronous Programming? and How to Achieve It? (in Python)

What Is Asynchronous Programming? and How to Achieve It? (in Python)

How to achieve Asynchronous Programming in Python? Let's take an example code of synchronous programming first.

Asynchronous programming is a means of parallel programming. A unit of work runs separately from the main application thread and notifies the calling thread of its completion, failure, or progress.

Let me explain you more straightforwardly; take a good like at the above diagram.

Synchronous programming is the kind of programming we usually do; in the diagram see in the synchronous block, we made a request and then waited for the response; as soon as we got a response one, then we made a second request and then waited for its response. In simple coding language, consider you are writing a program like this. (I’m using Python but you’ll get it).

In the above code, you passed an argument ‘a’ to the function and then waited for the function to return the changed value, then again made a call to change the number, and then you get the response. This is synchronous Programming.

Now, coming to the asynchronous part, look at the diagram again, we made request1, and without waiting for the response1, we made a second request:request2. After completing both requests, we then received the two responses. In simpler words, request1 and request2 were being processed parallelly. This time we didn’t have to wait for the response of the previous request to make a new request. In simpler words, just open your task manager(activity monitor in macOS), there will be a lot of apps running parallelly, or you can try running a python shell in two different terminal windows, there’s a term for all this, i.e MultiProcessing, as you can get from the term, it means more than one process going on.

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