Hero Design System for EH Mobile App

Hero Design System for EH Mobile App

React Native Hero Design .Hero Design System for EH Mobile App

React Native Hero Design


Via yarn

yarn add rn-hero-design

It also require peer dependencies like react and react-native. Please follow the yarn install instruction for the right versions.


The components and helpers are exported via named module.

import { Button, injectTheme } from 'rn-hero-design'

For more details, view the documentation

Playground app

Checkout the playground app here, which contains the list of components, their sample usages and common layouts.


  • Requirements:
    • cocoapods 1.10.0
  • Start the playground bundler
yarn dev
  • Build the lib
yarn lib:watch
  • Start the documentation server
yarn doc:dev

Download Details:

Author: Thinkei

Demo: http://mobile.hero-design.surge.sh/

Source Code: https://github.com/Thinkei/rn-hero-design

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