What is Industry 4.0?Latest Trends, Technologies & Examples

We presently live in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. Explore to understand what more about industry 4.0 and its offerings.

IoT Trends in Manufacturing Industry 2021

IoT business solutions are disrupting and trending the manufacturing industry and the need is more than ever before in the current scenario

Why to go for IoT Business solution over IoT Platform?

Most IoT platforms do not represent the full set of services needed to assist an enterprise to build an IoT business solution, much less to become a digital business. Any IoT platform will need to be configured, modified and integrated with...

Digital Twin Revolution in the Healthcare Industry 2021

Check out the roles and impact of Digital Twin in Healthcare industry.Future of Digital Twin has picked up the pace than ever before.

How manufacturing and Lighting Solution companies are benefitting from IoT

IoT solution providers are making a real-time impact on maintenance operations. It is the right time to drive your processes into Maintenance 4.0.