Taxi Booking App Brazil

Taxi Booking App Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country that experiences hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. This year, however, the corona virus pandemic has hurt the tourism industry in a severe way. However, people still need their emergency rides. Even...

Brazil is a beautiful country that experiences hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. This year, however, the corona virus pandemic has hurt the tourism industry in a severe way. However, people still need their emergency rides.

Even thought he lockdown is still in effect in most countries, many people are still required to go out and about to make sure that many necessary things can be handled. Another important thing to note in the taxi business is to understand that the lockdown isn’t going to stay forever. When things come back to normal, they will expect to have stellar taxi services in Brazil.

This is why; this is the perfect time for you to make your entry in the Taxi booking app business in Brazil. However, there are 3 main features in the app that will make it truly successful amongst your countrymen.

Let us take a look at them.


When talking about taxi apps, people are mostly concerned with the superficial stuff like language and currency integration, which is available with most companies. However, one of the most important features that almost always get neglected is localization feature.

Localization essentially means that you can operate your application at multiple locations from a single place. For example, if you are located in one corner of Brazil, but wish to make sure that your business runs across every road in the country, you will require the localization feature.

This will help your customers find rides closest to their physical location. It is the easiest way to ensure that your customer finds it easy to use their app and are satisfied with your services always. When you look to purchase from a company that offers Uber Clone App Development, make sure that you check with them about whether they have this feature or not.

Internal Text Chatting Between Driver and Rider

Communication between the driver and the rider is very important when it comes to ensuring that the pick up for the customer is at the right place. However, it is not always safe for the customer to make their phone numbers available to the drivers, or vice versa.

This is why; having a chat option is the safest, quickest and easiest option for everyone who uses your app. When it comes to the safety of your customers, the better equipped you are with providing safety to your customers.

Geo Fencing

Every city has areas that aren’t particularly safe. There are also places within the city that are perhaps inconvenient in terms of getting enough demand to meet the supply of the scale. Geo Fencing is a feature that will enable you to manually mark locations for which you do not want your services to be made available.

This means, you can mark these areas on a map or use a pin code to prevent any ride requests originating from there. This makes it safe for the drivers as well as prevents any kind of wrong doing in said marked areas.

While this may seem to be a small detail, getting caught in unwanted situations owing to unlawfulness in certain areas will only make it worse for your business. Always ensure that the safety of your drivers as well as your customers is of the utmost importance to always maintain stability and success in your business.


On the whole, there are many parameters to gauge the quality of your application before you purchase it. However, there are three features that most people forget to mention or even think about. Always make sure that you check if your app has localization features to ensure that the app is able to operate across the country. It should also be equipped with geo fencing to ensure that there are no unwanted rides from unwanted areas. And, finally, you should also check if your app supports internal text chatting between the rider and the driver.

Take a deep look at the app thoroughly. Test it and test it again. Make sure that you take a trial run hundreds of times to make absolutely certain that you get exactly what you are expecting. Speak to a reputable on demand Uber clone app Development Company to help you get the best white labeled taxi booking app Brazil.

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