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There are many companies that are emerging with their base as the Java EE. However, it must be kept in mind that there are various options available like micro profile and many others. But still, Java EE is used which is now referred to as the Jakarta EE. Many developers and development companies are working using this platform to satisfy their clients but you must make a wise decision to choose the best web application development company that will meet all your requirements.

Java EE

Now there are various magnitudes of the standards of the Java EE that are used widely by developers and depending on the experience of using those platform developers find it very easy. Some of the major examples of that standards are JAX-RS, CDI, JPA, JSON-B, etc. In order to develop an enterprise application, these standards can be used in an efficient manner. This is the age of microservices and so the application must be playing an important role in covering the important non-functional requirements when there is a need of running the application. Some of the critical requirements are monitoring, disturbed tracing, and resiliency. But all these requirements that are standard but still not covered by Java EE. Another important point that must be kept in mind is that the Java EE is not capable of supporting the injectable configuration.

These systems are not at all new and are being required by the companies for a long time back but were not so famous. During this microservice age, it is essential for any company to play a role in distributing the systems more and more and so the requirement for these standards is very critical. Now the industries are paying a lot of attention towards it. However, the applications of cloud-native are required for implementing observability as well as resiliency. A good Java development company will always have dedicated developers who have proper knowledge about all this and can work on this platform. Before choosing the developer you must make sure that they are having a good experience.

Jakarta EE

It can be said in simpler words that the successor of Java EE is the Jakarta EE. The transfer has been made to the eclipse foundation. Now the forming of the vendor-independent and future standards is taking place. So it must be kept in mind that this is a ramp-up phase but there is no such version of Jakarta EE which is exclusive in nature that can be easily grabbed by developers and can also be used easily.

Now this Jakarta EE is has been chosen as a new name for the Java EE. There are some important things about Jakarta EE which must be known by everyone. These important things are given below-

Decoupled applications

There is a direct relationship between the decoupling of elements and the level of abstraction of its details. It can be said that if there is a decoupling of two elements then there is no need for each element to know about the other one. In the case of developing any application, decoupling can be done for several factors like decouple of infrastructures, decouple of codes, decouple of configurations but in the case of Jakarta EE, it is possible to establish a promotion for the decoupling of vendors.

Goals of Jakarta EE

The new focus of the Java ecosystem is related to cloud computing and the key for approaching it is the Jakarta EE. The main job of Jakarta EE is in accelerating the process of application of the business for working with specifications that have been developed by vendors and also cloud computing project of the Jakarta EE is wholly based on the Java EE 8 model. TCKs along with RI were all transferred to the eclipse foundation from the oracle foundation. The full form of TCK and RI are Technology compatibility kits and Reference Implementation respectively.

It is also important to keep in mind that to work with the same process as used in Java EE it is not possible to evolve the cloud computing process. This is because of the slow nature of it. So the first step that has been taken by the Eclipse foundation is changing the process for evolving it to Jakarta EE. There are no major changes between Java EE 8 and Jakarta EE 8 other than the way of evolving the specifications. With Jakarta EE 8 it is possible to insert the specifications. Moreover, the specification can also be boosted for an approach of cloud-native one. Hire Java developers who are technically advanced and can use Jakarta pretty well.

Jakarta EE 9

The main focus of Jakarta EE 8 was to update the features for evolving the specifications. The main thing that can be found in the Jakarta EE 9 is the introduction to the Jakarta NoSQL. The main work of this specification is to make the process of integration easy between NoSQL databases and Java applications. This will help to promote a standard solution for connecting them with a good abstraction level. This feature can be considered to be the best approach to make the Java platform closer to that of the cloud-native approach.

The involvement of namespace can be regarded as the other expected update. The trademark is held by Oracle although the Java EE project has been given to Eclipse foundation. This means that the Eclipse foundation is not able to use the Java x or Java in the name of the project for the Jakarta EE’s new features.


There are many Java development services available. You have to be wise enough to choose the best service that will be in your budget. Jakarta EE will be receiving updates and soon it is going to be a better platform which the developers will prefer to use instead of other platforms. There is no such major difference between Java EE and Jakarta EE but in simpler words, it can be said that Jakarta EE is a modified version that will have the ability to evolve the specifications.

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