5 Essentials of Project Planning

5 Essentials of Project Planning

As a business owner, we’re most concerned about output. Unless we’re certain about output, it’s extremely challenging to manage a budget, re...

As a business owner, we’re most concerned about output. Unless we’re certain about output, it’s extremely challenging to manage a budget, resources, and other things. Planning keeps us focused, goal-oriented, and decisive. This is more crucial when we plan bigger projects as a lot is at stake

So let’s learn how to plan projects.

There are 5 essential stages of project management.

  1. Planning

  2. Project deliverables

  3. Process deliverables

  4. Additional elements

Project planning

Planning is the foremost and most crucial part of project management. The more time you will spend on planning; the more headaches you will prevent in the future.

During the planning phase, you will work on deliverables and factors like costs, duration, resources, change management, and more. We will discuss each of these factors one after another.

So let’s start with project deliverables.

** Project deliverables **

As we put in the beginning, all projects have an output. While planning, all output should be documented. These outputs should be delivered on time to reach the goal of the project.

A project deliverable is defined as -

. As a tangible output created as a result of work completed during the project.

Within the scope of the project.

· Agreed with stakeholders (internal or external).

· Has a role in reaching the objectives of the project.

Project deliverables work as short-term goals to keep teams on track and work towards the bigger organizational goal. Any difficulties in reaching project deliverables will also highlight inefficiencies in teams and/or organizations and provide a better view of processes.

Project deliverables should be created after gathering requirements from stakeholders. They should be documented and planned before any work begins. To create project deliverables, you must consider the goals of your project.

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