Benefits of Continuous Integration for Businesses and IT Teams

Benefits of Continuous Integration for Businesses and IT Teams

Continuous integration efforts no longer affect just the team that implements it. For IT teams, continous integration benefits affect the rest of the business.

Software is a key competitive differentiator for companies across industries. The faster companies can get new enhancements and functionality to market, the wider their competitive edge. To achieve this lead, enterprise development teams need to optimize their workflow for efficiency, quality, and reliability.

As such, development teams adopt continuous integration (CI) to speed up and automate the software delivery lifecycle. CI, a DevOps process that is integral to continuous delivery (CD), has code committed into source control and builds automatically performed “continuously.” Continuously integrating code improves processes in a way that benefits both IT teams and their business counterparts.

Benefits of Continuous Integration for IT Teams

CI continuously processes, tests, and uploads changes or additions made to a code base. The code is saved in a source control management system that is accessible to all developers for testing and reference. Any developer working on the application has access to the most current code. Continuous integration provides many benefits for IT teams, below are three of the most impactful for IT teams and their individual members.

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