What is the :is() CSS pseudo-selector and how it is helpful

What is the :is() CSS pseudo-selector and how it is helpful

In this article, what is the tool selection pseudo-CSS: is() and how is it useful

The :is() gets a list of arguments and applies the given rules to the all elements that are matching on of the selectors in the list. For example:

This is a less verbose way of writing a list of CSS selectors.

We can pass it anything, not just classes. We can use it in conjunction with ids, classes, tags etc.

The specificity will equal that of the passed selector with the highest specificity. So, :is(#main, div) will have the specificity of the #main - 1.0.0 and :is(h1, form) will have a specificity of 0.0.1.

Also one cool thing about the :is() selector is that it will work even if one argument is not valid. As the opposite of the classical way of writing CSS when having one invalid selector will cancel the full list.

This makes it great to be used within selectors that are not yet fully supported in all browsers.


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