GUI-Based Python Code Generator - Visual Python

GUI-Based Python Code Generator - Visual Python

Visual Python is a GUI-based Python code generator, developed on the Jupyter Notebook environment as an extension.

Visual Python


Visual Python is a GUI-based Python code generator, developed on the Jupyter Notebook environment as an extension.

  1. Key Features
  • Automatically generates Python code based on a graphic user interface

  • Creates code blocks by tasks (such as data processing, visualization)

  • You can save the analysis process and share it (as .vp file) with others

  1. Who and What is it for? Visual Python is a data analytics solution for both Programmers & Non-programmers.

Programmers can use the tool :

  • to save & reuse user-defined (or repeatedly used) code

  • to find Python packages and functions from the list

Non-programmers will be able to :

  • learn the Python language more easily

  • manage big data with minimal coding skills

Getting Started

1. Requirements

Visual Python is developed as an extension on Jupyter Notebook. We recommend installing Anaconda (virtual environment).

  • Python version 3.x
  • Jupyter notebook or Anaconda env

2. How to Install

1) Open Anaconda prompt

  • Windows : Click Start > Search or Select 'Anaconda Prompt'

  • Mac : Open Launchpad > Select 'Terminal'

2) Install package from

pip install visualpython

Depending on your virtual environment settings, you may need to install Jupyter Extensions. To install Jupyter Extension, use commands either:

pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions


conda install -c conda-forge jupyter_contrib_nbextensions

3) Enable the package

visualpy install

4) Activate Visual Python on Jupyter Notebook

Click orange square button on the right side of the Jupyter Notebook menu.

3. Package Control Info

  • Usage: visualpy [option]

  • Optional arguments:

help       - show help menu
uninstall  - uninstall packages
upgrade    - version upgrade
version    - version check

Mission & Vision

Mission To support technology and education so that anyone can leverage big data analytics to create a variety of social values.

Vision To create an environment where everyone can learn and use big data analytics skills easily.


If you are interested in contributing to the Visual Python, please see All skills from programmers, non-programmers, designers are welcomed.

Download Details:

Author: visualpython The Demo/Documentation: View The Demo/Documentation Download Link: Download The Source Code Official Website: License: GNU GPLv3


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