Happy 20th Birthday CMake!

CMake is now 20! Kitware posted yesterday an interview with Bill Hoffman, the original creator for CMake and shared that August 31 was CMake’s 20th birthday

Here, in the C++ team, we are not only heavy CMake users. We also believe that CMake is a foundational piece for all C++ cross-platform developers and, as such, we strive to enable the best CMake experiences in both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.


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Happy 20th Birthday CMake!

Karen Anthony


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Queenie  Davis

Queenie Davis


Voxel Carving Of 3D Surfaces using AR Markers for Pose Estimation/C++

Voxel Carving of 3D Surfaces using AR Markers for Pose Estimation

Final project for "3D Scanning and Motion Capture" class in SS2022 at Technical University of Munich.

1. Abstract


2. Setup

Install Eigen (Version 3.4).

Install OpenCV Library (Visual Studio 2019 VC16).

2.1. Clone the repository

Repository Structure










You can use Data to store images, masks, and calibration files of models you want to carve. The subfolder demo_material contains all inputs and outputs used to generate the model as described in section 4.


If you have never worked with OpenCV or Eigen you can follow the instructions below and install these libraries in the Libs directory.


This directory contains the implementation of this project.

2.2. Windows

2.2.1. CMake

CMake Version

Download CMake (3.9.1 or newer)

Install CMake in your prefered directory.

Add CMake to PATH variable.

2.2.2. Git BASH

Git BASH Version

Download and install Git Bash (2.14.1 or newer)

2.2.3. Eigen

Download and extract Eigen (see Eigen - Getting started).

2.2.4. OpenCV

OpenCV Version

Navigate to the directory where you wish to install OpenCV (eg. {directory}/AR_Voxel_Project/Libs)

create new file installOCV.sh with the following content:

#!/bin/bash -e

# taken from: https://docs.opencv.org/3.4/d3/d52/tutorial_windows_install.html

CMAKE_GENERATOR_OPTIONS=-G"Visual Studio 17 2022"
#CMAKE_GENERATOR_OPTIONS=-G"Visual Studio 16 2019"
#CMAKE_GENERATOR_OPTIONS=-G"Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64"
#CMAKE_GENERATOR_OPTIONS=(-G"Visual Studio 16 2019" -A x64)  # CMake 3.14+ is required
if [  ! -d "$myRepo/opencv"  ]; then
    echo "cloning opencv"
    git clone https://github.com/opencv/opencv.git
    cd opencv
    git pull --rebase
    cd ..
if [  ! -d "$myRepo/opencv_contrib"  ]; then
    echo "cloning opencv_contrib"
    git clone https://github.com/opencv/opencv_contrib.git
    cd opencv_contrib
    git pull --rebase
    cd ..
mkdir -p build_opencv
pushd build_opencv
set -x
cmake "${CMAKE_GENERATOR_OPTIONS[@]}" "${CMAKE_OPTIONS[@]}" -DOPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH="$myRepo"/opencv_contrib/modules -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$myRepo/install/$RepoSource" "$myRepo/$RepoSource"
echo "************************* $Source_DIR -->debug"
cmake --build .  --config debug
echo "************************* $Source_DIR -->release"
cmake --build .  --config release
cmake --build .  --target install --config release
cmake --build .  --target install --config debug

Adjust the CMAKE_GENERATOR_OPTIONS according to your Visual Studio version.

In git command line enter the following command:


This script will generate the required installation of Open CV in the current directory (eg. {directory}/AR_Voxel_Project/Libs/install/opencv).

Keep in mind that this will take some time.

Add {directory}\Libs\install\opencv\bin to PATH.

For further information please check the official OpenCV website.

2.3. Other OS

Please refere to the following instructions:

Eigen: All OS

Open CV: Linux MacOS

2.4. Build the Project

After installing both libraries, your repository should look like this.

Repository Structure














Now you are ready to generate the project using CMake. If you followed the instructions above, CMake should already have found the installation directories of Eigen and OpenCV. Make shure that Eigen3_DIR and OpenCV_DIR are set correctly.

After compiling the project, you are ready to carve your first model.

3. Example

The following example gives visualize the carved model of our demo object. If you want to reproduce our results, you can use this dataset. For comparison we also provide details about the configuration and the expected output meshes.


Figure 1. Example Input Image (total of 8)


Figure 2. Generated Model: post processing and color reconstruction (Method 2 - color averaging) applied.

4. How to run?

4.1. Generate ChArUco Board


$ ./voxel_project.exe -c=1

This command will generate a new subdirectory out containing the file BoardImage.jpg. This ChArUco Board can be used to calibrate your individual camera and later on carve your own models.

4.2. Camera Calibration


$ ./voxel_project.exe -c=2

Perform camera calibration on previously taken images or take images using a connected camera and perform calibration on those.

After initial calibration, the user can interactively choose to exclude specific images by ID (e.g. outliers). For this, reprojection errors are provided for individual images, as well as the overall error.

The final data is saved to a .yml file that can be specified using -calibration

-live=true/falsetrueWhether the images used for calibration should be taken live using a connected camera. If false, a folder with images for calibration has to be provided to -images.
-cam_id=<cam_id>0The camera to use when performing live calibration. 0 should be the system’s default device.

Ignored if live==true

NonOptional if live==false

Directory of the input images to be used for calibration e.g. ./Data/demo_material/images.
-calibration="<calibration-file>"out/cameracalibration.ymlOutput file for the camera calibration data.

4.3. Segmentation


$ ./voxel_project.exe -c=3


4.4. Carve your own model


$ ./voxel_project.exe -c=5 -images="<images-dir>" -masks="<masks-dir>" -calibration="<cameracalibartion.yml-dir>" -carve=<carving-method> -x=<x-dim> -y=<y-dim> -z=<z-dim> -size=<voxel-size> -scale=<model-scale> -dx=<x-offset> -dy=<y-offset> -dz=<z-offset> -color=<color-method> -model_debug=<model_debug-method> -postprocessing=<postprocessing-method> -intermediateMesh=<intermediateMesh-generation> -outFile=<out_file_path>

This command will generate a new file out/mesh.off containing the mesh generated by carving your specified inputs. To understand more about the flags please refere to the table below.

Table 1. Flags

-images="<images-dir>"NonOptionalDirectory of the input images e.g. ./Data/demo_material/images.
-masks="<masks-dir>"NonOptionalDirectory of the masks e.g. ./Data/demo_material/masks.
-calibration="<cameracalibartion.yml-dir>"NonOptionalDirectory of the masks e.g. ./Data/demo_material/cameracalibration.yml.

1 - standard carving

2 - greedy carving (fast)

-x=<x-dim>100Number of voxels in x direction.
-y=<y-dim>100Number of voxels in y direction.
-z=<z-dim>100Number of voxels in z direction.
-size=<voxel-size>0.0028Side length of a voxel.
-scale=<model-scale>1.0Scale factor for the output model.
-dx=<x-offset>0.0Move output model in x direction (unscaled).
-dx=<y-offset>0.0Move output model in y direction (unscaled).
-dx=<z-offset>0.0Move output model in z direction (unscaled).

0 - no color reconstruction

1 - nearest observer

2 - average color


true - generate debug model (1 cube ~ 1 visible voxel)

false - do not generate debug model


true - apply postprocessing on the model

false - do not apply postprocessing


true - Generates a mesh after each processed image. Only works with carving method 1

false - intermediate mesh generation disabled

-outFile=<out_file_path>./out/mesh.offFilepath the generated mesh will be written to. Should end with .off.

4.5. Benchmarking


$ ./voxel_project.exe -c=6 -images="<images-dir>" -masks="<masks-dir>" -calibration="<cameracalibartion.yml-dir>"

This command will execute the provided benchmarking cases on the specified data. For each case a mesh file will be generated in out/bench. Additionally, the bash will print a table containing information about the test cases and exectuion times (see table below). For more information about the flags please refer to the table above.

Table 2. Benchmark output


Short description of the testcase

Model size (Small, Medium, Large)

Carving method (1 - standard, 2 - greedy)

Coloring mehtod

Model sizeModel dimensions (x, y, z direction) and voxel size
Carving timeTime needed to execute carving process (in milliseconds)
Coloring timeTime needed to execute coloring process (in milliseconds)
Postprocessing timeTime needed for postprocessing (in milliseconds)
Marching cubes timeTime needed to transform model into .off-format sutiable representation using the marching cubes algorithm (in milliseconds)
Overall timeTime needed for complete reconstruction process (including output file writing and variable initializations, excluding image loading) (in milliseconds)


textexample [1] text example [2] te xt exam ple.


[1] Resource 1

[2] Resource 2

Author: alxfox
Source code: https://github.com/alxfox/AR_Voxel_Project


Happy 20th Birthday CMake!

CMake is now 20! Kitware posted yesterday an interview with Bill Hoffman, the original creator for CMake and shared that August 31 was CMake’s 20th birthday

Here, in the C++ team, we are not only heavy CMake users. We also believe that CMake is a foundational piece for all C++ cross-platform developers and, as such, we strive to enable the best CMake experiences in both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.


Oscar Cooper


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Abigail betty

Abigail betty


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