PHP: Adding echo contents inside an other

PHP: Adding echo contents inside an other



I am using one php echo to add a meta tag og:image as follows:

echo "<meta property=\"og:image\" content=\"$b/$new/imagename-$b-$new-$three.jpg\" />";

and echos this image url:


And I started using phpThumb to resize the image dimensions in the url parameters (as I didnt find an easiter way), and the echo is:

echo '<img src="'.htmlspecialchars(phpThumbURL('src=', '/phpThumb/phpThumb.php')).'">';

What I need to do is merge the 2 echo (without img src part) inside the first!

I tried a lot, and what I want is something like:


echo "<meta property="og:image" content="'.htmlspecialchars(phpThumbURL('src=$b/$new/imagename-$b-$new-$three.jpg&w=100&h=200&iar=1', '/zJ/phpThumb/phpThumb.php')).'" />";

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