angular observable http call map response to interface

angular observable http call map response to interface

I have a function that calls a rest api like this:

I have a function that calls a rest api like this:

getProducts(category: string): Observable<IProduct[]> {
    let url = `/rest/getproducts?category=${category}`;
    return this._http.get<IProduct[]>(url);

The response from the service looks like this:

    "ProductId": 1,
    "CategoryType": "XC",
    "Name": "Prod A"
    "ProductId": 2,
    "CategoryType": "XY",
    "Name": "Prod B"

My model looks like this:

export interface IProduct {
    id: string;
    type: string;
    name: string;

Is there a way to map the response to my model in an easy way? Should I use the map function? I know I could change the model to suite the response, but I would rather like to squeeze the response into my model (the example is simplified).

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