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GeekCash (GEEK) майним картами Nvidia (algo Geek) | Выпуск 76 | Биткоин - опыт майнинга криптовалют - YouTube

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What is GEEK

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Create an App like YouTube

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Kao Candy

Kao Candy


How to Buy GEEK (GeekCash)

GEEK is the native token to the Geek Network and the keystone for a new, inclusive, and borderless digital economy. As a proof-of-stake blockchain, Geek Network relies on GEEK to reward the validators that participate in the PoS consensus mechanism to secure and uphold the network. As a purely transactional cryptocurrency, GEEK is also suitable for use in micropayment and other payment applications.

The protocol will initially be governed by the founding team, and will eventually transition to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As part of the DAO, holders of the GEEK token will be able to initiate proposals and vote on issues that will steer the direction of the protocol.

GEEK is a low-inflation cryptocurrency designed to provide benefits as collateral for newly created tokens on the network. This includes stablecoins, fungible assets and decentralized financial protocols. The use of GEEK as collateral means that as demand for secondary tokens increases, demand for GEEK tokens will increase accordingly.

In addition to the main features that serve the needs of decentralized finance. GEEK emphasizes the adoption of micro payments in real ecosystems and partners like payment for online services and digital products.

This is the best time for you to own Geek tokens at the best price compared to the great potential of Geek Network

Backers Program Information

1. Pre-Launch: price 0.005$/GEEK

End time: 2021-06-30 23:59 UTC

2. Public Round 1: price 0.010$/GEEK

3. Public Round 2: price 0.015$/GEEK

Listing Price: 0.02$/GEEK

Expected listing date: 2021-10-25 (08:00 UTC) on Uniswap and DODO BSC (DEX) and other exchanges

In this article, I’ll guide you to buy GEEK in their Backers Program. Follow the step by step.

Step 1:

First, visit the Geekcash.org on any available browser

Sign up on Geekcash

This is image title

Next step, click Sign Up to start creating an account on GeekCash.org

This is image title

There, you have to fill in the basic information: First name, Last name, Email and Password.

Note: To keep your account secure, I recommend using your most frequently used email address and protecting them with a 2FA code

Then you click Sign Up

Soon after, Geek network will send a message to your email, your job is to go there and confirm to complete account registration

This is image title

Congratulations, you have successfully created an account!

If you already have an account, skip this step, just login

Step 2:

After successfully creating an account, you need to log in again.

Please keep your account safe by changing the password so that it does not overlap with the email password you are using and activating the secret 2 FA (Google Authenticator) with 6 character protection on your personal phone.

This is image title

Step 3:

Okay, time to buy GEEK!

The first step is to click on the box “Get GEEK” as shown in the picture

This is image title

At this sale, Geek costs 0.005$/1GEEK.

Let’s order

There are many payment options, you can pay GEEK with stablecoins: USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI, PAX

This is image title

I placed a purchase order: 1000000 GEEK by USDT
The amount I have to pay is: 5000$ USDT (USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI, PAX)
I am rewarded: 30000 GEEK. By using a referral link (Give 3, Get 7. When someone makes an order through your referral link, they get an extra 3% off and you also get 7% of the total)

Step 4:

Great, you immediately receive a request to send 5000 USDT to address: 0x46737FB104fb5690298461924B6E7Cae3fC428b0

(You can choose between the Ethereum Network or the Binance Smart Chain)

Just make your transfer from any wallet address available USDT to address: 0x46737FB104fb5690298461924B6E7Cae3fC428b0 (or USDC, BUSD, DAI, PAX fit your order)

After successfully executing the transfer, copy the Transaction Id and paste it in the Transaction ID box.

This is image title

Check your balance in Dashboard

This is image title

Congratulations on your successful buy of 1000000 GEEK.

Step 5:

Don’t forget to use your referral link. To be able to earn more GEEK, refer others!

This is image title

Now, register via my link https://geekcash.org

Hope this article helps you, thanks!

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clemency beula

clemency beula


Increase your user acquisition rate with Youtube clone script

Stretch your business verticals by launching a Youtube clone. Allure a wide range of users by implementing unique, and popular features into the app. To help you with this, at Appdupe, we build high standard clone scripts that will gain fame for your application. Let us go through the basic functioning, and intuitive features of the app.

Basic functioning of the application:

  • The user will download the application, and log into the app after completing the registration.
  • After this, the user can view any number of videos uploaded by other users.
  • The user can also create a channel, and upload videos in the app format.
  • The user can captivate viewers by streaming live videos.
  • Based on the user’s video content, viewers can like/dislike videos.
  • The application has many such inbuilt features to offer a world class quality.

Crucial features of the application that makes it unique from competitors:

Video resolution conversion- The app will convert any type of video into FLV for smooth video streaming. Through this feature, users don’t have to bother much about the quality of the video.

Live streaming- With this feature, users can stream live videos that will keep their users engaged to their channel.

Flag/Report- If users feel that the content of any channel is inappropriate, then users can report/flag that channel. The admin will verify the channel’s content, and will take necessary steps to remove that account.

Multilingual- The app is not restricted to any particular language. Instead, the app supports multiple languages to cover the global audience.

Our Youtube clone script is designed carefully to meet your business needs. We offer customizable, and scalable solutions that will fall under your budget. Schedule a call with our team to get a demo model.

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Wanda  Huel

Wanda Huel


How Will Nvidia's Increased Focus Into Robotics Pay Off

Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2020 had a fair deal of announcements from DPUs to Edge AI and more. Robotics was one such area which saw prominent announcements. From a robot developer kit aimed for educational purposes to simulating robots in a real-world environment, Nvidia is showcasing an increased focus on robotics.

Having said that, its focus on robotics is not unheard of. With a dedicated robotics research team, it is enabling next-generation robots to physically interact with the environment and perform complex tasks alongside humans. The new Nvidia AI Robotics Research Lab, which was inaugurated in Seattle last year, focuses on areas such as robot manipulation, physics-based simulation, and robot perception. It exclusively focuses on building next-gen robots that can robustly manipulate the physical world and work alongside humans. It also has an AI research lab in Toronto that focuses on robotics.

In fact, Nvidia’s ISAAC platform for robotics has been in existence long before a dedicated robotics research lab was put forth by the company. It provided companies with a platform to build robots in a faster, smarter and safer way across industries such as logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and more. Nvidia’s Issac Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a comprehensive set of tools, libraries, GPU-enabled algorithms and tutorials to accelerate the development of robotics applications. It is the industry’s first robotic AI development platform with simulation, navigation and manipulation.

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