Replace email id by HTML Tag to make a hyperlink inside the text

Replace email id by HTML Tag to make a hyperlink inside the text

I have a text as follows

I have a text as follows

For further details, please contact [email protected]

I want to replace the email ID mentioned in the above text by <a href "[email protected]">[email protected]</a> So that the email ID would become a clickable object when the above text would be presented on web page

So far I have tried out following

text = 'For further details, please contact [email protected]'
email_pat = re.findall(r'[\w\.-][email protected][\w\.-]+\.\w+',text)
email_str = ' '.join(email_pat) #converts the list to string
text_rep = ext.replace(email_str,'<a href "email_str">email_str</a>')

The above code replace the email string but instead of creating hyperlink it actually does the following

For further details, please contact <a href "email_str">email_str</a>

Is there any way to tackle this?

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