Multilingual WordPress with redirects and dynamic content

Multilingual WordPress with redirects and dynamic content

Not sure how to title my issue.

Not sure how to title my issue.

I have a Wordpress website, where most values are stored in custom fields and is very independent of language - e.g. most values are numbers.

Instead of creating a multi-site with several network sites, I am looking for a much simpler solution. Let's say I want to create a German version. Then ideally, I could redirect all German users accessing the site with /de/ to a German version of the theme.

E.g.: directs to single.php in the theme files directs to single-de.php in the theme files. So they will have the same content, but the translation will be in the theme file.

The only problem I can see is the canonical URL, but I am guessing this can be dealt with as well. So my question is, is it possible to redirect all users that go to /subfolder/post-name/ to a specific theme file and display the content of that post with the specific theme file?

Is there any solution I have missed that might be easier?

My solution above would only require redirects and some additional theme files instead of creating a completely new multi-site and importing everything and having to keep this site updated as well.

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